A graphics card costs more than a console! Why choose PC?

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A graphics card costs more than a console! Why choose PC?

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I will start talking about this topic soon to ‘kill’! Your console is basically a PC, it has an extremely limited proprietary Operating System, which only allows you to do what Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo want you to do.

In a nutshell, modern consoles are an authentic PC, housed in a small box, made just for performance and price.

That said, a graphics card doesn't always have to cost more than a console. The great advantage of the PC world, is that you can build a machine completely to your measure or to your taste … Whether you have an extremely limited budget, or money to give and sell.

(Opinion) A graphics card costs more than a console! Why choose PC?

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So, we are in a free market, so we can buy whatever we want! Not everyone has to have a console or a PC. It always depends on each case. That said, consumers interested in a gaming computer, basically have this in mind:

Flexibility (Example: Mods)

Yes, some consoles are already more or less flexible, but they still have a lot of soup to eat compared to the PC.


This is one of the great flags of the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X), however, you can take a PC game released in 1997, install it on your current machine, and it will probably start without problems.

Graphics limitation

Consoles have limited life cycles, making it impossible to update their components. That is, a PS4 launched in 2013, has exactly the same hardware in 2020. Therefore, the latest games are already severely limited in graphics. This does not happen on the PC.

Cheapest games

The Gaming PC is relatively cheaper game by game. This is thanks to the increasingly numerous and popular digital sales platforms, such as Steam or Epic Games Store. Yes… A PC can be much more expensive than a console, but if you are smart about buying components and games, you are likely to win at the end of your machine’s life cycle

Indie Games

If you like this type of games, a PC is mandatory, since there is not much support for this segment in the world of consoles.

Some games cannot be released for consoles!

Some games are so complex, they need to be released for more powerful machines. That is, the PC!

VR seriously? The answer is the PC!

There is a reason for Microsoft not to bet on VR on the new Xbox. The company knows that the PC has more capabilities for this effort, and that's where it will bet.

A PC is not just for gaming

Of course, a PC is a multi-faceted machine. You can actually spend a few thousand on a powerful PC to work on your day to day. But when night comes, you can just turn on RGB and start killing a few 'noobs'!


In short, with all this don't think that I'm a 'hater' from the console world! None of this, I am of the opinion that the ‘sweet spot’ is having a powerful PC and a console to play the exclusives you like best.

However, if you had to choose only one platform, it would always be the PC.

A graphics card costs more than a console! Why choose PC? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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