Aaron Carter Gets New Face Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend of 3 Months

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Aaron Carter Gets New Face Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend of 3 Months

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Aaron Carter shows off a new look on an Instagram snap. Courtesy of Brandon Peach / Instagram

Aaron Carter is in love! To prove it, the 32-year-old singer was named after his three-month-old girlfriend, Melanie Martin, covered with paint on his face in large letters.

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Fans learned about the new design when the Florida native visited the Los Angeles hair colorist Brandon Peach lighten your wires. After refreshing his mane, the hairdresser took some pictures of the singer, revealing his new tattoo. He now has "Melanie" permanently covered over his right eyebrow.

"We had a great time hanging out with this guy and bringing his shiny blonde back," wrote Peach on Instagram Photo Series on Sunday, March 8. The rapper's locks have undoubtedly received a ferocious update, but it's impossible to ignore his new ink. The stylist chose not to mention the new tattoo in his caption.

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It appears that Carter hid the ink from his 511k followers on Instagram because none of his recent photos show the part of his face with the new tattoo. Perhaps an official revelation is coming soon.

Aaron Carter new face tattooCourtesy of Brandon Peach / Instagram

This is not the first time Carter fans have been surprised by a new tattoo. In September, Carter tattooed almost the entire left side of his face. The unexpected ink features a design inspired by Medusa and the word "love" under the eye.

During the same visit, he also received a small crescent moon on the other side of his face.

Tattoo artist Herchell L Carrasco (also known as @rockrollg on Instagram) was responsible for the massive design that brought the star’s home in Los Angeles to life for $ 5,000, according to TMZ.

He posted a selfie in the mirror showing fresh paint on September 28 and captioned: "I am the greatest thing in music now. I CANNOT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME UP. #artesanato #LMG #SilenceBreaker"

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Apparently, the professional thought he was simply touching up a design on Carter's torso, instead of tattooing the entire face of the "I Want Candy" singer.

After completing the three tattoos requested by Carter, he asked the artist to continue stopping. & # 39; "(He) wanted to continue and I had to stop him", Carrasco told the outlet. "I couldn't cover his entire face with a tattoo. I just couldn't."

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