Activists form human chain at UK consulate in Hong Kong

by ace

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters formed a human chain around the British consulate in Hong Kong on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, the Hong Kong legislature formally withdrew planned legislation that would allow extraditions to mainland China, but the measure is unlikely to end months of unrest as it met only one of the five demands of pro-democracy protesters.

The rallying cry of the protesters, who destroyed public buildings in the Chinese-ruled city, set fire to streets and bombed police with gas pumps, were "five demands, not one less," meaning that the withdrawal of the law makes no difference. .

Hundreds of protesters gathered peacefully outside the British Consulate, waving British flags, singing "standing with Hong Kong" and calling for support for a British parliamentary debate on Hong Kong citizenship status scheduled for Thursday.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam had often said that the extradition project was as good as it was dead and that other demands, including universal suffrage and amnesty for all those accused of rioting, were beyond her control.

Protesters are also urging her to withdraw and conduct an independent investigation into the perceived police brutality during a long, hot summer of street battles.




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