Adriana Lima’s Lion and Brie Larson’s Britney Spears are Costume #Goals

by ace

October means sweater weather, breast cancer awareness month and – our personal favorite – Halloween!

Although the holiday may resemble ghosts and ghosts, there are actually many chic and glamorous ways to dress, and this year we are turning to the stars for help. Because when it comes to bold and elegant glamor, they know what is what.

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Thanks to the successful Euphoria, there was a bolder and more flashy look to play with. A-Listers like Katy Perry, Iskra Lawrence and Lucy Boynton jumped aboard, incorporating rhinestones and other sparkling elements to spice up any look. Thanks to makeup artist Michael Anthony, Perry's rose was created using real Swarovski stones from the outside of the forehead to the inner groove of the lid.

But it's not just makeup that is surprisingly beautiful. The hair set has been extraordinarily stunning, with many different different styles that we never thought of on our own. Our favorite? Kacey Musgraves – Tinsel Ponytail. The full wonder of the rainbow would have made Ariana Grande jealous.

There were also direct classic costumes, like Vanessa Hudgens' Bride of Frankenstein. Combining gothic jewelry with sparkly caps and a long white headband in her hair, the High School Musical star appears ready for the most sophisticated and modern Halloween party.

From a modern day mermaid fish tail to a glamorous monster, to makeup and not-so-common hair looks that you want an excuse to wear, keep browsing to see all the incredible celebrity Halloween inspiration.



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