After all what is Revolut and what are its advantages? Without doubt an excellent …

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It is true that we have a lot of options today for our online shopping, from services like Mbnet, which allows you to create virtual cards, like Paypal, however, we don't always have the best services. For example, Paypal allows easy loading, but if we want to withdraw money from the platform it still takes a few days to make it possible, and through the bank account to our bank account.

It is true that the Revolut It is not the only one that allows us to “create” a virtual one and have an ATM so we can make purchases or withdraw money, but it was undoubtedly one of the first to offer a bank-like, all over the internet. For example, one of the great advantages of Revolut is that we have an IBAN, which allows us to easily transfer money to the account or even other people to do so. But not only. If you sign up now, Revolut still offers € 5 for signing up through of this link.

What is Revolut?

It is a British startup that aims to revolutionize the banking industry by offering banking features to most users at no cost and through an application on their smartphone. We recently talked about the N26 which is very similar.

Some of the great advantages is that no commissions are charged on Revolut, and transparency of exchange is considered an advantage. I don't know if your bank has ever exchanged dollars for euros, but you will be surprised at how much commission is charged for the transaction.

Revolut also provides a debit card that is sent to the customer at no charge, which will allow them to make purchases at physical stores through the card as well as withdraw money. However, in the case of Revolut, you need to add € 10 to your account so that you can have your account fully functional and thus send the card. But beware: the money is yours and remains yours as the € 10 does not disappear from your account and can be used as soon as the debit card arrives.

What are the advantages of Revolut card?

One of the great advantages is the recommendation system that Revolut has which allows both the referrals and the new referrals to earn 5 €. Yes, if you use our link to create your account and receive your card, you can also earn an additional 5 € in your account, and for that to happen, after you fully register and receive your card, the € 5 will be added to your account as soon as you make the first payment with your card. But this is only at the beginning.

Of course one of the advantages is that we have an IBAN number and its bank card, which allows us to use it anywhere in the world, and for payments in Europe we have no extra costs when we use the card to make payments in stores.

In the app we also have access to spending statistics, which is very interesting to know how our accounts are doing, as well as have access to cryptocurrencies, investments and even currency conversions transparently. If you choose to be a Premium customer, upgrading your account will have even more advantages, which we explain below.

Another very nice feature is how we can send or request money to friends via the App. True, we know this feature very well, with MBWay, but with most banks adding costs to this function, Revolut offers exactly the same account, similarly, through Revolut accounts and only with the person's contact number.

Revolut has one free debit card and two paid versions

I do not need to remind you that most banks in Portugal charge for ATM cards, besides the already mentioned commissions that do not exist with Revolut. But in the case of Revolut, the Visa card is free and even includes contactless, which can be deactivated through the application. In addition to the obvious advantages of this card, Revolut also has paid versions of the card: Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal.

Let's start with Advantages of Revolut Card “Normal”, which allows you to convert your balance to 25 currencies at the real exchange rate, make payments abroad without paying fees or commissions, and use the app to lock your card immediately as soon as you realize it's gone. In terms of cash withdrawal, it allows withdrawal up to 200 € per month, after which a fee of 2% is applied. The other versions offer more advantages.

Revolut Premium costs € 7.99 per month or € 82 per year and offers:

  • health insurance
  • travel and luggage insurance when there are delays
  • Card shipping is free and takes one to three business days
  • access to the cryptocurrency market through the app
  • 24/7 priority customer support
  • Free withdrawals up to € 400 per month
  • Free disposable virtual card
  • Free turbo transfer
  • Airport VIP lounge access in more than 1000 rooms worldwide
  • Trading of shares without commission in the first 8

After all what is Revolut and what are its advantages? Without doubt an excellent ...

There is an even better version, Revolut Metal, which costs 13.99 € per month or 135 € per year and offers everything above:

  • Allows up to 1% refund on all card payments
  • Free Concierge
  • Withdraw up to 600 € per month
  • Share trading without commission

Note that in addition to these features, Revolut also allows card personalization.

So is it reliable?

The truth is that Revolut has been at the mouth of the world (or at least of Europe) in recent months due to the innovative way it operates in the market and undoubtedly that some of its friends will already have a Revolut account as well. there is no charge and at a minimum you can use this account for online purchases.

But are you worried about Brexit? Do not be afraid, as Revolut is already preparing for this eventuality, as all companies that have to continue to trade in Europe and the United Kingdom. Revolut has been betting strongly in the domestic market and since the beginning of the year it has been betting strongly in our country, even making the application available entirely in Portuguese.

According to official data, Portugal is the eighth largest market in the company, little through Spain and France, which is very interesting and demonstrates that is to stay, so the confidence in the company is very high. Not forgetting Revolut's offer to new customers, encouraging current customers to “call friends.

Yes, if you use our link to create your account and receive your card you can also earn 5 € additional charges to your account, and if this happens, after you fully sign up and receive your card, the € 5 will be added to your account as soon as you make the first payment with your card. A great opportunity if you are already considering creating your Revolut account.



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