Amazon makes it Echo even more appealing as new things to ask Alexa revealed

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Amazon makes it Echo even more appealing as new things to ask Alexa revealed

Today´s Deals

If you have not joined the Amazon The echo revolution can now be a very good time. These smart speakers from the online retailer have just been cut in price with a number of devices that now offer good value for money. In addition to the standard Echo being cut to £ 64.99, there is also cash with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock and Echo Plus.

And it's not just the standard speakers that were cut in this sale, as there are also some big discounts on Amazon Echo with a display.

Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show are now cheaper than before, with prices starting from £ 59.99. Amazon says all of these deals are for a limited time, so it may not take long to accept the offer.

If any of the above offers please you, here is a complete list of what is on offer.

Amazon Echo • NOW £ 64.99 – WAS £ 89.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

Amazon Echo Dot • NOW £ 29.99 – WAS £ 49.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

Amazon Echo Dot with watch • NOW £ 39.99 – WAS £ 59.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

Amazon Echo Show 8 • NOW £ 89.99 – WAS £ 119.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

Amazon Echo Show • NOW £ 189.99 – WAS £ 219.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

Amazon Echo Show 5 • NOW £ 59.99 – WAS £ 79.99 • GET THE BUSINESS HERE

These offers are good, but there is also great news if you already have an echo.

Amazon just released its weekly stuff to ask Alexa and here are some great new things to say to this smart wizard.

"Alexa, do not disturb"
Activate Do Not Disturb mode when you do not want to receive calls or messages from Alexa. To know more.

“Alexa, open Beat the Intro”

"Alexa, give me a green Valentine's Day gift idea"

"Alexa, learn my voice"
Get your personalized music experience by making calls and more when Alexa recognizes your voice. Set up your voice profile today. To know more.

"Alexa, give me a recipe for homemade pie"

"Alexa, make a call"

"Alexa, tell me a Pokémon joke"

"Alexa, buy coffee"

“Alexa, open sounds of rain”

"Alexa, what action movies are being shown this weekend?"
To receive relevant results locally, configure your location on your Alexa App. Go to the Devices icon in the lower right corner, Echo and Alexa, select your echo device and add your address in Device location.

"Alexa, stop my phone"

"Alexa, play Capital"

“Alexa, open Beautiful Dream”

"Alexa, touch & # 39; Everything I Wanted & # 39; by Billie Eilish"

"Alexa, what sound does a hamster make?"

“Alexa has set a 40-minute cake timer”

"Alexa, what is the weekend forecast for Manchester?"

"Alexa, how much time is left on my timer?"

"Alexa, open the fireplace sounds"

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