AMD is better at graphics cards. But drivers are a disgrace!

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AMD is better at graphics cards. But drivers are a disgrace!

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AMD has made a brutal effort to integrate new features into its Radeon Adrenalin driver package in recent years. Such an effort, that several experts have already made public that AMD Radeon cards are worth it just and only for their driver suite.

Still, after several years in which AMD was praised by the community, for bringing performance improvements version after version, where even graphics cards on the market for more than 2 years started to rise in the rankings. The thing is not going very well with the recent RX 5000 Navi cards, since we still have a lot of problems associated with the software that accompanies the company's graphics cards…

Something that unfortunately will end up keeping potential customers away from a manufacturer that urgently needs to put pressure on NVIDIA.

AMD offers a brutal suite in the form of Radeon Adrenalin, but the drivers themselves are being a disgrace!

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So, in case you didn't know, many of the buyers of the recent Navi graphics cards are having some problems with their PCs. After all, the first cards based on this architecture hit the shelves about 7 months ago. Still, there are still several driver issues that are completely unacceptable at this point in the championship.

Just pay a visit to AMD subreddit to read several reports from users who are not having the best experience ever with their RX 5000.

Incidentally, I can say at first hand that even my RX 5700 XT has already had some specific problems thanks to the drivers. Nothing too serious, but it sucks not to have 100% confidence in the system.

That said, the most serious problem is the ‘Black Screen’, something I’ve already had the opportunity to see happening in front of me. This is something that AMD has not yet managed to isolate, as it happens in a completely 'random' way. In my case, it was at the entrance to a League of Legends game, in which I simply got the black screen, despite being able to hear everything and speak on Discord without problems. It only happened to me once, I promptly uninstalled everything with the DDU and updated the software to its latest version.

In this case, AMD continues its investigation, but we still don't have any 100% effective fix for the problem.

Obviously, NVIDIA also has problems with its drivers. However, it appears that most of the bugs related to the 'Turing' cards have been resolved in a timely manner. So, in the fight against NVIDIA, in which all RX 5000 cards aim to offer more performance at a lower price, it would be important to be able to solve these specific problems, because with problems, it might be a better idea to pay another 50 € to have a more reliable card.

Interestingly, NVIDIA even decided to start a price war with AMD in early 2020, right after the launch of the recent RX 5600 XT, by bringing the RTX 2060 to $ 299. So all of AMD's market advantage may simply fade if NVIDIA wants to.

In short, these driver bugs put a lot of pressure on AMD, as they can alienate consumers from their recent RX 5000 cards. In fact, even integrated cards can be affected by these problems, so it is imperative for the manufacturer to resolve the situation as soon as possible. In a nutshell, this is not the time to fail at the head of NVIDIA!

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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