AMD Ryzen CPUs to Receive Over 100 Optimizations in November

by ace

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MSI made a small announcement last week that caught the attention of many PC enthusiasts, largely due to the huge number of updates and fixes that will be made to the micro-code that brings the super-popular AMD Ryzen 3000 processors to life. .

Therefore, according to the manufacturer MSI, the new AGESA micro code will feature over 100 optimizations, which should improve the stability but also the performance of the processors that took Intel's bread from the mouth.

The AMD Ryzen 3000 will be even better in November!

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So you need to be aware of upcoming BIOS updates from major manufacturers, such as MSI, which has already announced the adaptation of micro-code, but also ASUS, Gigabyte, etc … which should not be too late.

What changes will these be? And why so many at once?

If you happen to be curious about the optimizations that are being implemented, be aware that many of them are related to support for new hardware, such as memory modules, SSDs, among others. all supported CPUs, as we mentioned above.

Still, 100 modifications is a lot of fruit! So it is very likely that MSI has said this by word of mouth. And many of the 'fixes' are super-simple things that will eventually have no impact on how the platform works.

In fact, this number can be interpreted positively as well as negatively. After all, we are talking about a very high number of fixes / improvements, a manual update… On a product that has been on the market for a few months.

In short, we have to wait and see what will come out of here. But in fact, it's great to see that AMD and its partners continue to provide excellent support for the Ryzen 3000 platform based on the 7nm Zen 2 architecture.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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