App store still limits how you can make money

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App store still limits how you can make money

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It is not every day that we can talk about the usefulness of application updates. It cannot be said that updates are always and completely inevitable, but the truth is that Apple has made this situation a difficult thing to do.

So if you are a Mac or iPhone user we even have some good news, if you are going to consult Fantastical apps (with its new update) you will be able to find very interesting apps, such as an app for a calendar that has several functions for the tasks.

App store still limits how you can make money

It should be borne in mind that, and perhaps also striking, is the fact that the application may have a subscription mode. It will be 4.99 $ per month or 40 $ per year (with 20 $ discount for that better). This subscription is for the iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch applications. People who do not use Apple have to look elsewhere for this service.

Some argue that the subscription mode is fair, due to the updates available and the quality of the apps. It must also be borne in mind that there is no better chance for applications for Apple, taking into account the rules that it places on applications.

If you know the dynamics of the App Store, the following is nothing new. First, there was a rush to the App Store at the time the applications were $ 0.99. So the expectations were that the applications were cheap. Then they started with free applications but whose continuity requires payment. Over the years Apple has refused to offer more flexible pricing. Later they started to make a promotion of 30% discount, but that received criticism. At this time Apple has the policy that the payment decreases over a year.

There are pros and cons in all situations and this does not escape the rules, but you have to take into account that to do business in the App Store, the rules are really tight.

Source: The Verge

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