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Apple Files Patent for Possible Smart Electronic Ring

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With the new trend of IoT, companies are betting on new types of smart devices. Apple, entering this wave made its move and eventually filed a patent for its "wearable electronic ring computing device". The patent describes design options and features for a device that interacts wirelessly with your iPhone or MacBook.

The proposed (unofficial name) Apple Ring would feature a touchscreen and a microphone, would house a computer processor, a wireless transceiver and multiple sensors, and have its own rechargeable power source.


As an Apple product, it will have the built-in Siri and, according to the patent, will work with hand gestures. So you more or less describe Apple Watch, just in the shape of a ring.

Among the sensors housed in the Apple Ring were haptic actuators to provide force feedback to the user. There will also be motion sensors that can identify “handwriting motion” (so you can respond to messages without reaching the phone), turn the page (shake) and move to navigate the menu system.

The wearable described will also have biometric sensors for fitness tracking and device safety. The wireless transmitter can also unlock another device – such as an iPhone – depending on proximity – while also syncing user information on the phone.

Apple Files Patent for Possible Smart Electronic Ring

The patent also describes the proposed smart ring as a device capable of controlling an external device – such as an Apple TV or iPad – by drawing directly on the device's small screen, although such technology has not yet been realized.

No timeline for the Apple Ring has been provided – it's still just a patent, one of many that Apple files each year, with most of them remaining just that: ideas on paper.




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