Apple plans to revamp iPhone 2020 based on iPhone 4

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Apple is planning a major makeover for next year's iPhone. And that means the company will bring back the look of a very old model, according to new reports. The company plans to make the 2020 model have flat sides and a rectangular, curved chassis on the iPhone 4, which was last seen on the iPhone SE, according to the generally trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In the past, Apple updated the design of its iPhone usually every two years. In recent releases, this has slowed, and each design has appeared three times – suggesting that iPhone 2020 could be the first major makeover and see Apple abandon the current form of iPhone X.

Instead, the company will redesign the chassis to look like the iPhone 4, according to Kuo, which was cited by Macrumors. This design has already begun to reappear in the iPad Pro line, which was redesigned last year and had some of the same flat sides and curved corners.

Other news

Apple is also expected to introduce new screen sizes with the 2020 models. This summer, Kuo said the biggest phones will have bigger screens, though it is unclear whether they will do so by expanding the overall size of the phone or expanding the panel around them.

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All three of these monitors will be OLED, he said, unlike the current mixed line that includes an LCD screen on iPhone 11.

In addition to the new design, Apple's 2020 phones – which could be known as the iPhone 12 or something completely different – are also expected to bring 5G chips to the range for the first time.

The new iPhones will almost certainly arrive in September 2020, according to previous releases. And we will be seriously waiting to see how the company will behave there. Besides always watching the rumors that arise.




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