Apple will be considering allowing even more apps to be made available …

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Apple will be considering allowing even more apps to be made available ...

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According to Bloomberg, Apple will be considering letting users of iPhone devices be able to use applications other than the native ones making them standard of use, both at the level of web browser and at the level of email, as well as the native use of Spotify. in your HomePod column.

As has been said, the discussion on the possibility of placing other email applications and internet browsers as standard applications on the iPhone is on the table at Apple. If you do not like both the Mail application and Safari, both of which are native Apple applications for email and internet browsing, you can start dreaming and maybe you can actually install others that are more to your liking, such as the FireFox browser, Chrome. It is also in line with the decision, the possibility of associating in the HomePod column the Spotify music application or even Amazon Music.

Apple will be considering allowing even more apps to be made available ...

As already mentioned in other articles, Apple seems to be finally changing its policy regarding the opening of its iOS. We think that we will all benefit from this because we will start using an operating system that gives us a little more openness to new features. Apple currently allows developers to build alternative applications but only by following their programming WebKit, and as such users are not able to tell iOS which web browser to use by default. In the same way, there are a lot of competing email applications in the App Store and many of them even have more features than the original Apple, but we always have to act in the same way as the web browser or almost everything that is native Apple applications.

Bloomberg also said that services such as Spotify (a major competitor to Apple Music) such as Amazon Music could become “native” applications for HomePod. For example, the HomePod user will be able to order songs through Siri directly through Spotify.

Assuming that this news could turn out to be true and not just a rumor, this is in fact something that the market and Apple fans would be needing. The "doors" of Apple are opening and it is good that it is, as we are in 2020 and iOS must evolve otherwise it is seen in the 21st century to be an outdated system given the strong competition it has .

Source: 9to5Mac

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