Aston Martin and his first SUV, an all-star off-road!

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Aston Martin and his first SUV, an all-star off-road!

Better than Cayenne? And the Lamborghini Urus? Becker checks their names, confirming that the DBX has been benchmarked not only against them (the Urus for its character, the Cayenne Turbo for its overall dynamic behavior), but also against the BMW X5M, Bentayga, Range Rover Sport SVR. and others. But what Aston does, which Cayenne and Urus in particular are fighting for, is to convince as a cruiser.

Cayenne seems to always want to maintain control over himself, and there is tension in the way he crosses, while Urus is all-out, waging his war on physics. The DBX is smoother, and despite having the most powerful 48v and an anti-roll asset on the market, it can add 1400Nm to the front and rear bars in 0.2 seconds, and is not afraid to roll. The direction is not sharp or sudden, in an artificial way, and their responses are more deliberate, but also faithful and accurate. The body feels stiff when thrown on gravel, and the suspension is smooth.

The DBX SUV can spend most of its time on the pavement, but buyers can be sure to know that a switched switch can take them wherever they want. When we take an Aston Martin for a spin, the only thought in our mind should be how to get on this lap as fast as possible, preferably with the smoking tires and the rear end swinging enough to help you take more speed through. turn on the road without losing control. Making it happen is a matter of combining the accelerator, brakes and steering sufficiently and keeping everything on track.

Aston indicates 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 181 mph (about 290 km / h), which is very fast, but not in the most extreme league of SUVs. And despite 542bhp and 516 lb feet, the engine is not the Vantage's fire or several amgs. The power arrives progressively, increasing from the average force in which the noise is lighter, and resounding we feel that more force goes to the rear. Because regardless of how well you behave in the Middle East dunes, this is going to be a road car. Big, luxurious SUVs like this are the new GTs – the cars that people really feel good about on long trips.

Aston Martin and his first SUV, an all-star off-road!

So and this is how, for example, when trying to turn left, this calculation can be a novel. Instead of a predictable pavement, I am on a dirt road covered with the slippery red sand of the Arabian Peninsula. And instead of a track beast like Aston's Vantage, I'm in the company's all-new SUV, the DBX. I'm in the DBX trial in Oman, where Aston engineers are putting the finishing touches on handling and dynamics of the sleek new five-passenger model worth $ 189,000 and coming out later this year.

They are pushing him as hard as they can to get closer to being an all-terrain supercar, and something that can slide over asphalt and dust with the balance that suits the British builder's insignia. When you press the accelerator, Aston yawes and stretches across the undulating surface, but maintains the line as it moves to the left. The four-wheel drive system, adjusted by the amount of torque, goes to each wheel from one thousandth of a second to the other, and helps the car to constantly increase oversteer towards the roadside, with the tires spitting stones and earth in the stones. "We are trying to send power from the engine to all the right places to make it fun and playful, but still very safe," says DBX chief engineer Matt Becker. "So, as we can see, the car is able to go sideways, to everyone's joy."

The Aston offers some scary moments as the terrain slides under it, but does an impressive job, considering that it lacks the proper knobby tire kit or a truly off-road suspension, which would make it unbearable to drive on surface streets. The V8 engine, brought from Mercedes-AMG, produces 542 horsepower and takes the SUV to 181 mph (about 290km / h). The nine-speed transmission keeps the pace brilliantly, giving me no reason to interfere with the steering wheel shifters.

Aston Martin and his first SUV, an all-star off-road!

Aston Martin sales fell last year despite a line of wild supercars such as Vantage, DB11 and DBS, Valkyrie hypercar and upcoming Valhalla hypercar. All of this despite a variety of ongoing efforts to secure more investments to correct the company's financial backing. A SUV that sells quickly could be Aston's savior. It wouldn't be the first of its kind: Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Maserati luxury SUVs have become customer favorites, reflecting the market's obsession with the big rollers, and the desire of performance enthusiasts for a practical vehicle that still feels special.

To deliver that sentiment, Aston engineers are relying heavily on the electronically controlled and highly adaptable powertrains and suspensions that have made SUVs truly multi-environmental. The DBX's 48-volt electrical system, for example, allows for an active anti-roll bar that presses the wheels in response to body roll movement in hard turns.

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