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Avengers: Endgame – 10 Details To Watch On The Super Bowl Teaser

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Avengers Endgame - 10 Details To Watch On The Super Bowl Teaser

The movie hits theaters in April.

Avengers: Endgame has won a new teaser during the 2019 Super Bowl.

Although short, the preview reveals the state of Marvel’s cinematic universe after Thanos’s flickering of Infinite War.

The Post-War Infinite World The trailer begins by situating the world in the post-Infinite War, showing a post-apocalyptic reality and the ways survivors seek to deal with the massacre.

Where do we go now that they are gone? Asks the poster in the room for group therapy.


Despite the issue suggesting Steve Rogers’s presence at a gathering for survivors of the Thanos massacre, the Captain’s reaction is one that is unprepared to settle for defeat. “Some people outnumber, but we do not. We do not.”, Is the phrase that accompanies the teaser.

Although the issue suggests the presence of Steve Rogers in a meeting for survivors of the Thanos massacre, his reaction is one who is not prepared to settle for defeat.

A few seconds later, Rogers appears adjusting his shield, marking the return of Captain America. Survival and Return to the Roots If the first trailer showed Tony Stark in a moment of desperation, the new preview shows the Iron Man battling for his survival next to Nebula, making some modification in the ship that transports the two.

It is a moment that refers directly to the hero’s first film when he needs to use his skills as an engineer to escape his captivity.


The scene shows the reaction of the surviving Avengers to a mysterious arrival at the base of the team and also draws attention to the disposition of the characters, which suggests that between Bruce Banner and Rhodes someone was digitally erased.

Was it Iron Man? Or Captain Marvel?

As it did in Avengers: Infinite War, Marvel has manipulated her previews to hide details about the plot.


The excerpt shows Rocket in search of something or someone in a cabin by the sea. From the outside, it is possible to see some fishing gear, but it is not possible to determine the location. Would any of the Avengers be cut off from the world?


Each hero has his or her way of dealing with events and Black Widow is the training.

As you can see from the scene, she spent a lot of time in the shooting range.


The preview shows the two heroes ready to return to action. THOR must have one of the most exciting arcs in Endgame since he was almost able to defeat Thanos in Infinite War, but an ill-calculated procedure allowed the Mad Titan to continue this plan.

The scenario he appears to be facing either may be the same spot visited by Rocket or even the planet chosen by Thanos for his retirement, with the God of Thunder setting off in search of solitary revenge.

Another possibility is that he set off in search of the survivors of Asgard (those who managed to escape the Thanos attack and then survive his snap of the fingers).

The location that the hero appears when viewed from behind can be either a ship or a construction, leaving even more doubts about its position.


The final scene ends the preview in a climate of resistance and suggests another change made digitally, marking the space between Combat Machine and Ant-Man. The presence of Iron Man at the moment is a possibility raised by the fans, as well as that of Captain Marvel.

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