Bachelor Nation Men Get Real About Skincare

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Real men talk about skin care. Paradise bachelor stars Mike Johnson, Chris Bukowski, Jordan Kimball, Connor Saeli and Chase McNary have all opened their skin care routines exclusively for Us Weekly.

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“Coconut oil just for everything. He does everything! Johnson told us while preparing his Lumenis OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial in Toronto on Friday, September 27th. "

Bukowski, in turn, is a big fan of beauty treatment.

"It's a watershed. It's like getting a massage on your face," he explained. "You need to take better care of your face, it's your money generator."

Mike Johnson, Chris Bukowski, Jordan Kimball, Connor Saeli, Chase McNary and Vinny Ventiera prepared for a night with Geneo.

Bachelorette's 33-year-old vet added that she loves Aquaphor (with a beard!) And admitted that she's not afraid of a face mask.

"When you get to my age, you have to make a mask every night. I have to keep this cool. People don't think I'm 45," he joked.

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Kimball, meanwhile, swears by the Evian spray.

"Moisturizes your face," he told us. "It's $ 18 for two cans. You spray it, three minutes, let it rest, wipe it. Man, your face never got better.

The 27-year-old also admitted that she felt "glowing" after Geneo facial treatment.

"I'm just an angel here on the red carpet tonight," Kimball joked with us at the Eligible Magazine party at Thompson Toronto. “The facial started like a chilli sensation on my skin, burned quite intensely, and then it went to this foamy thing and I almost fainted. I was going to sleep, I felt so good. They did a great job. "

McNary, 30, agreed: "I'm feeling fantastic. I feel like I'm glowing. My skin is fantastic.

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Saeli told us that she plans to take longer for her skin routine.

"It was very moisturizing," explained the 24-year-old. “My first facial experience. Maybe it's a kind of regular routine.

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