Bad news! Sony is having difficulties in the price of PlayStation 5

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Bad news! Sony is having difficulties in the price of PlayStation 5

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Everything indicates that Sony is having some difficulties deciding the price of the new generation PlayStation 5 console! After all, according to information from the renowned Bloomberg, the current crisis in the production of components (thanks to the Coronavirus), will create some difficulties that were simply not in the company's plans.

What is clear, can make the PS5 turn out to be more expensive than the PS4.

Sony is struggling to keep the price of the PlayStation 5 low

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Therefore, when PlayStation 4 went into production sometime in 2012/2013, the list of components (BoM – Bill of Materials) had a total of $ 381. That's why the console came on the market at $ 399 (€ 399).

However, the PlayStation 5 material list has now grown to $ 450, which will make the console significantly more expensive than the current $ 399 PS4 Pro. (A console that is often available for $ 299).

So either Sony decides to sell the console at a loss, as it actually has in the past. Or you will have to launch PS5 at a relatively higher price than the original plan.

In case you didn't know, the PlayStation 3 was initially sold at a much lower price compared to its real value. Something that ended up not going very well for the Japanese giant Sony. It was because of this that the company decided to design the PS4 to immediately make a profit. Something that would apparently be repeated with PS5.

In addition to all this, we must also point out that Microsoft has not yet revealed the prices of the Xbox Series X. And as if this were not enough, Sony's rival is also likely to launch a significantly cheaper version of its new generation console. . In other words, the PS5 cannot reach the market too expensive, otherwise it could be onion food by the new Xbox.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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