Beware AMD and NVIDIA! First Intel graphics arrives in 8 months!

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Beware AMD and NVIDIA! First Intel graphics arrives in 8 months! – As you may know, the 'boss' of Intel's graphics department is nothing short of Raja Koduri! Personality who decided to leave AMD to gain access to a virtually unlimited budget on his former company's big rival.

  • Raja Koduri left AMD Radeon because she saw no future in the company

That said, Mr Koduri is already suggesting the June 2020 release date for the first Intel Xe graphics card!

First Intel Xe graphics card on the market as early as June 2020 !?

So, using her Twitter account, Raja Koduri shared a photo of a Tesla Model X with the registration number 'THINKXE' dated June 2020, and of course … Tagged 'Intel Graphics'.

Now if the head of Intel's graphics department is just showing his 'custom' license on the Internet, or if this is a clue about the release of the company's first dedicated card… That depends on everyone's opinion! But in my opinion, we're really going to have a new rival in the graphics world as of June.

  • Intel Xe Graphics Cards: Everything We Know So Far!

After all, 2020 has always been Intel's big goal. And apparently, the thing is really headed for that to come true. Which will surely revitalize the graphics card market that has historically been a two-man fight… But of course, in recent years more to the NVIDIA side

That said, does Intel have what it takes to compete with AMD and NVIDIA in this space?

The consumer only has to gain from the entry of a giant like Intel in this market. Still, in the hardware market, it's super rare to have three super giants battling. So it will be extremely interesting to see what will happen in the near future.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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