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Boris Johnson’s Conservatives lead Labour by 15 points in new UK poll

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Boris Johnson's Conservatives lead Labour by 15 points in new UK poll

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's conservative party has a 15 percentage point advantage over the opposition Labor Party, according to a poll published on Saturday, before a possible national election aimed at breaking the Brexit standoff.

Conservatives won 37 percent in the Observer Opinion poll, while Labor earned 22 percent.

The result comes after difficult first weeks in the power of Johnson, who is yet to win a House of Commons vote and saw his parliamentary majority annihilated after 20 conservative MPs. rebelled against the party line at Brexit.

Johnson will hear next week if the British Supreme Court finds the suspension of parliament on September 10 for five weeks illegal, after two cool challenges in the courts of the United Kingdom. His critics accused him of suspending parliament to avoid the debate on Brexit, a claim he denies.

"Dead in a ditch"

Although Parliament passed a law in September requiring Johnson to ask European leaders for more time if he fails to reach an agreement to leave the EU by October 31, he said he would rather "be dead in a ditch" than do so. him.

His comments suggest further confrontation when parliament returns on October 14 amid speculation that the prime minister may disregard the law to force a Brexit without agreement two weeks later.

But while his recent actions have cost him support in parliament, the latest poll suggests that this may not have damaged his reputation with British voters, many of whom voted to leave the 2016 referendum and want to see Britain outside the EU. as soon as possible .

It won't hurt conservatives that Corbyn gets back in ranks in the labor ranks after the party's activist wing. moved to take down deputy leader Tom Watson on the eve of the party conference in Brighton.

Johnson asked the House of Commons to vote in favor of an election before the Brexit deadline on October 31 on two occasions, but lost the vote after opposition parties – including Labor – voted against or abstained. They want Johnson to extend Article 50 before conducting a national survey.


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