Brazil Judo Grand Slam: Main focus was on Teddy Riner of France

by ace

On the last day of the Brasilia Grand Slam, the focus was on one man alone – Teddy Riner from France.

The first was Kokoro Kageura from Japan. He finally succumbed to a huge Ashi guruma. Next was Russia's Inal Tasoev, which was another fierce fight for a Wazari. The semi-final saw world champion Lukas Krpalek get penalized before he even went. But it was David Moura who had the pleasure of facing Riner in the final. The fight could not have been more different. A fantastic Osoto makikomi in the first exchange saw Riner sitting in his rightful seat as king of the heavyweights.

"I feel good," Riner said, "But today was a great day, but it's important to compete in Grand Slams and tournaments like this, because if I want to win the Olympic Games in Tokyo, I must first win those tournaments and I train to that. "

He received his medal from International Judo Federation competition manager Dr. Lisa Allan.

A totally Brazilian final took place with over 78 kg, when Maria Suelen Altheman and Beatriz Souza took the first place.

An intelligent Ashi Waza accountant had Souza bring the spoils and emotional scenes in a row to our wife of the day.

"It is very important to have a big event in Brazil," said Souza, "especially because you have the support of friends and family, this energy is very important and makes a difference for me and all athletes. It is certainly the most thing positive of having a great event here. "

The medals were presented by 9th Dan, Mr. Takeshi Miura.

The under 90 kg final gave a replay of the 2018 World Championship final. Nikoloz Sherazadishvili, world number one, led again against Iván Felipe Silva Morales, vying for Wazari with his trademark Uchi kills, continuing his dominance at the top of category.

Cuba's Kaliema Antomarchi won his first Grand Slam gold medal in the under-78kg category with a well-deserved victory over Britain's highly decorated Natalie Powell. A huge Ura nage securing the title.

read Kentaro from Japan was featured all day long in the under 100 kg final. He faced home favorite Rafael Buzacarini. A beautiful fall of Sode tsurikomi goshi ended a brilliant day for the Japanese fighter.

Finally, our change of day was an epic Harai goshi from Russian Kirill Denisov, who won a bronze medal.




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