Brazilian states will comply with Paris agreement, says Pernambuco governor

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Pernambuco Governor Paulo Camara (PSB) said during an event in New York on Tuesday morning that Brazilian states will fulfill their role in the Paris Agreement.

In a side event, the speech came as President Bolsonaro opened the UN General Assembly with attacks on indigenous people, France (which launched an alliance with the Amazon the day before) and the denial of burning in the biome.

“Faced with the risks of backsliding on the part of our national government, Brazilian states have decided to resolutely assume their role,” said Câmara.

He spoke on behalf of 11 Brazilian states (the nine states in the Northeast and Espirito Santo), who sent a letter to the Americans confirming that they were represented by the Chamber.

The House's speech is also supported by the Governors for Climate movement, which since April has been mobilizing Brazilian states to ensure the implementation of climate policies that respond to the commitments made by Brazil in the Paris Agreement, such as combating illegal deforestation and promoting energy. renewable

“The governor of Pernambuco makes a counterpoint to Bolsonaro. It reaches out to the planet, in contrast to those who spat it out, ”says Alfredo Sirkis, director of the Brazil Climate Center, an organization that supports the governors' movement with Abema (Brazilian Association of State Environmental Entities).

The event was convened by the Climate Action Alliance and brought together representatives of international organizations and governments to discuss the challenge of making the world carbon neutral by 2050.

The deadline for neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions is given by scientific reports from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a limit to avoid the most disastrous consequences of climate change.

Carbon neutrality does not necessarily mean the complete reduction of emissions, but it can also happen by offsetting emissions through carbon stocking measures, mainly by planting trees.

Câmara announced that it is turning the island of Fernando de Noronha into a carbon neutral territory and that soon all the island's waste will be recycled.

He also stated that Pernambuco and the Northeast states will not only fulfill their role in the Brazilian goals of the Paris Agreement, but will also become carbon neutral in the long run.

“To this end, we work to establish the necessary alliances with other Brazilian states, municipalities, private initiative, third sector and academia. We will do this by attracting investments for a new, sustainable economy that generates jobs, income and quality of life for our people, ”said the governor.

The Governors for Climate movement is analogous to the response given by US governors in 2017, when President Trump announced that the United States would leave the Paris Agreement. The We Are Still In movement brings together US governors, mayors, universities and companies and was also represented at the event on Tuesday.

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