Call of Duty Mobile is now free for Android and iOS

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Activision has just launched the mobile version of Call of Duty called Call of Duty Mobile. In practice it is a multiplayer game that allows up to 100 players to face each other on the same map. Regardless of whether or not you are a Call of Duty veteran, it is highly recommended that you learn the basics. For this you should even use the training system that this game provides. It has the very original name Basic Training and is a tutorial that will teach players about the game's commands.

Call of Duty Mobile is now free for Android and iOS

Call of Duty: Mobile features different maps and multiplayer modes, as well as a Battle Royale battlefield. Players can customize their “charge” before participating in all-to-all battles. In addition, they can unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, clothes, scorestreaks and pieces of equipment.

In the Multiplayer menu you can choose between four different game types. We talk about Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game and Search & Destroy. However, you can also choose your favorite map, such as Nuketown or Crash. However, if you're looking for Battle Royale mode and haven't found it yet, that's okay. In order to access it you will need about 30 minutes in multiplayer mode. That is, it is very easy to achieve. The idea is that when they go to Battle Royale they already know something and are not completely displaced by the competition.

Call of Duty Mobile

Developers promise a console-quality HD game where there is no shortage of customizable controls. We also have the possibility of voice and text conversation, in addition to 3D graphics and sounds. Most importantly, you can play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with mouse and keyboard, but you need to use an Android emulator like GameLoop.

Anyway, the new Call of Duty is available for free and you can download it right now at App store and on Google Play Store.



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