Call of Duty Modern Warfare gets the 1.05 update! What has changed?

by ace

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released on October 25th, and in fact we can conclude that the first days of sales were not very favorable. This is because if we compare with previous games in the series we will see that there is a significant decrease in profits.

However, we can also say that this is one of the best titles ever released this year. And with all the support Activision has been giving the game, it is best to buy it now.

So the new 1.05 update has just come to this title, but has anything changed? We'll explain everything below.

After all, what changes have been made with this new 1.05 update?

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The size of the update turns out to be no big deal as it will only take up 2 GB of memory on your PS4 or Xbox One. It essentially serves to fix some existing bugs, and make some in-game fixes. Moreover, the same should happen on the PC, only with the slight difference that the update has nothing less than a weight of about 7 GB.

However, as nothing has yet been revealed for sure by Activision, it is best to wait for more information. This is because there may still be changes in weapons or even minor details on some maps of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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Despite the low profits made in the first few days after release, how has the game been holding up?

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All players who have acquired this title have been very impressed by the excellent graphics and game mechanics. Which earned much praise from the community.

So if you still have a question about whether or not to buy Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, look no further and buy it now. Because believe it will be well worth it.

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