Car scam: Police warn of new vehicle damage fraud as criminals target innocent…

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Car scams can cost drivers time and money, and cashless drivers are cautioned to remain vigilant to avoid paying. Police have updated road users about the latest car crash to sweep the country as thieves claim other drivers have damaged their vehicles.

The tweet read: "Please be aware of a scam in which one person was today followed by Morrisons by 2 Asian men, claiming that the person had damaged his car, fortunately a neighbor left and the men left in a hurry."

Police online messages were followed with SCAM and ScamAware hashtags in an attempt to make residents aware of the dangers.

In a later tweet, the force confirmed that the victim was a Redditch gentleman.

They added, "Please be aware that anyone who tries to find out that you have damaged the car if in doubt will call us."

The British Insurers Association says car scammers will target vulnerable drivers or those under time pressure.

The group says that drivers should be alert and look for warning signs to avoid becoming a victim.

License plates may include cars moving at unusual speed or slowing down and accelerating regularly for no specific reason.

Neil Thomas, director of investigative services at AX, said: “Criminals can hide in the driver's blind spot, wait for the right moment, then accelerate and get on their way before they hit the brakes.

“Detecting new gang-implanted methods is notoriously difficult and without video evidence, it's often hard to prove who really was to blame.

“Sharing information between insurers and authorities can help, but drivers should always be vigilant.”

Drivers are urged to install locking cameras on their vehicles, essential to prove their innocence in cases of fraud.

CCTV cameras can help drivers and can help prove that a driver was not guilty during an accident.

However, some clever thieves often stage hits off camera in a desperate attempt to escape crime.

West Mercia Police were contacted by for more comments on the incident.



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