Carabao Cup 4th round draw LIVE: Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to…

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When is the fourth round of the Carabao Cup?

The fourth round matches will be played the week starting October 28.

Oh my…

What a list of accessories there! Absolute delight. We have Marco Silva's derby between Everton and Watford, a derby between Aston Villa and Wolves and the Premier League draw between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Oh right, so there's the little problem of Anfield's Liverpool vs Arsenal. The team selections will be very interesting there.

Fourth round games …









The drawing…

The staff is about to start. Andy Hinchcliffe and Don Goodman are on the field at Milton Keynes, alongside Laura Woods. 11 Premier League clubs, 3 First League clubs, 2 Second League clubs. Some Premier League ties coming up …

I'm back

Manchester United beat Rochdale 5-3 on penalties. The hosts kept their composure to score all kicks in place at Old Trafford. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team is in today's draw, which will take place at any moment.


It looks like the Carabao Cup officials (I don't know if that's what we call them) are waiting for the Manchester United match before the draw. Players are about to advance in Old Trafford.


League One Rochdale led Manchester United – fully equipped with Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Paul Pogba in the early eleventh – to penalties at Old Trafford. In other less exciting news, the Wolves beat Reading on penalties.

Carabao Cup draw in round four LIVE: Man Utd and Liverpool to learn fate (Image: GETTY)


Lucas Boye scored a draw on 99 minutes, yes, 99 minutes from Reading away to Wolves. It was the last kick of the game and we go to the penalty shootout in the central region. Crazy Carabao Cup action night.

Burton beat Bournemouth 2-0 and appear to have scored their place in the fourth round.


Absolute scenes like Luke Matheson, 16, in Rochdale! It is now 1-1, with less than 10 minutes left on the clock. When it rains, it pours over Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who may have to bet on penalties to see his side pass.

Elsewhere: Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Oxford and Sunderland are in the fourth round draw tonight. Premier League teams Brighton and West Ham are out.

Burton still leads Bournemouth 1-0, with God knows how much time is left thanks to the lights going out 150 times.

GOAL! (1-1) You believe that! 16-year-old Luke Matheson draws Dale against Manchester United at Old Trafford

He took the end of Rathbone's cross and attacked at home#RAFC

– Rochdale AFC (@officiallydale) September 25, 2019

Ah …

Well, I was punished for rubbing Manchester United's nose. The Red Devils finally took over Rochdale's leadership thanks to young Mason Greenwood. West Ham are now 3-0 at Oxford, while the Bournemouth game is back in business.

We should tie in the next 30 minutes.


I would like to provide an update on the Burton vs Bournemouth game, but I, not even the clubs themselves, have an idea of ​​what is going on. Burton officially canceled the match on his Twitter account before asking everyone to stay in his seat…

In other news, Manchester United bravely keep Rochdale tied without a goal with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Unhappy Hammers

It seems increasingly likely that West Ham will leave the Carabao Cup. Now they are two behind League One Oxford. By my calculations, as things stand, FIVE lower league teams will be in the final 16.

Good and bad news…

The confrontation between Burton and Bournemouth lasted two minutes before the spotlight returned again. Get your phones lights on everyone!

Liverpool have now beaten MK Dons 2-0 and it looks certain they are in tonight's draw.

The most recently…

You're upset in abundance around tonight! Bournemouth is following Burton. It is 1-0 and the spotlight has conveniently stopped working. Oxford lead the West Ham and Rochdale keep Manchester United level in a goalless draw at Old Trafford.

No problem for Chelsea, who lead Grimsby 4-1. Liverpool have a one-goal lead over MK Dons.

Oh, and how could I forget. Sunderland leads Sheffield United!


Hello everyone and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Carabao Cup fourth round draw.

Tonight, 16 names come to light with Wembley's play, just four games away. It arrives quickly, doesn't it?

All the usual suspects safely sailed EXCEPT … Tottenham. Sorry guys, I'm contractually obliged to rub salt on the wound.

Spurs' bad start to the season continued with an embarrassing departure for League Two Colchester when they lost 4-3 on penalties. Crawley also produced a giant kill by beating Stoke in a shootout.

Another eight games are being played as we speak – I'll let you know how they are going in just a second.

When is the Carabao Cup draw?

The draw will be held on Wednesday 25 September at the MK Stadium.

What time is the Carabao Cup draw?

It will be held upon completion of MK Dons vs Liverpool.

This will happen after 9:30 pm BST.

What TV channel is Copa Carabao based on?

Sky Sports will have live coverage of the draw on the Main Event and Football channels.

Can I broadcast the Carabao Cup draw live?

Existing customers can broadcast the event through the Sky Go app.

Non-subscription holders can access Sky Sports channels by purchasing a pass for NOW TV.

When is the fourth round of the Carabao Cup?

The fourth round matches will be played the week starting October 28.

Carabao Cup draw in round four LIVE: Man Utd and Liverpool to learn fate

Carabao Cup draw in round four LIVE: Man Utd and Liverpool to learn fate (Image: GETTY)

Carabao Cup Ball Numbers

1. Wolves / Reading, 2. Oxford / West Ham, 3. Watford, 4. Brighton Village / Aston

5. Sheffield Utd / Sunderland, 6. Colchester, 7. Southampton, 8. Burton / Bournemouth

9. Man City, 10. MK Dons / Liverpool, 11. Manchester United / Rochdale, 12. Leicester

13. Chelsea / Grimsby, 14. Everton, 15. Arsenal, 16. Crawley Town



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