Chilean President Charges China, US to Do More Against Climate Change

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Chilean President Sebatián Piñera has lamented that the world's two largest economies, China and the US, are involved in a trade war, when they could be contributing more to the battle against climate change.

"We have huge challenges and we need leadership," he said at the Monday afternoon plenary session at the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development summit in New York.

He further highlighted the fact that the Chile host the COP25, the next United Nations climate conference in Santiago in December.

“Each generation has its own challenges. But none faced a challenge as urgent as what we face in relation to climate change and global warming. This is the battle of a lifetime, "he said.

Piñera announced that his government was invited by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to set up a "Coalition of Ambition", and so far 66 countries have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Chile, he said, is already moving in that direction. It makes the movement anchored in four tools: 100% decarbonizing your energy supply; using renewable fuels in public transport, seeking to increase energy efficiency in all sectors and increase reforestation.

With these instruments, Chile should be able to achieve its goals by 2050. For the Chilean president, young people have a role in making them move faster. “We have a moral duty to act, and young people should push us in this direction.”

Regarding the protection of rainforests, the Chilean was diplomatic.

"Unfortunately, because of deforestation in the Amazon, Congo, South Asia, we have the burning," he said, concluding that in line with his French colleague, Emmanuel Macron, he also advocates the need for international cooperation to improve the level of protection of rainforests. “We need a big alliance. We have no more time. It's time to act. ”

The Chilean president stressed that humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth, but also the only ones willing to destroy the planet. “But it is not Earth's future that is at stake – our planet has survived for billions of years. It is the future of the human race that is at stake. ”

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