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Christopher Robin – Movie Review

by ace
Christopher Robin - Movie Review

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It’s hard to believe that Christopher Robin is a Disney movie.

it’s so small in contrast with what the studio is doing today, maybe this movie could have been made under Walt, I think thought a little bigger than this film and perhaps that’s why the studio does it, they know how to market the brilliant film that they have on their hands here and to be fair, Marc Forster has made a Winnie the Pooh movie primarily for grownups anchored by a wonderfully nuanced performance by McGregor as a grown-up Christopher Robin.

By the way, I have seen one or two references to Toy Story 3 in relation to this movie contrasting how Andy gives his toys away at the end of that film which, by the way, has always bothered me it’s a real betrayal from Andy, you can just walk away like that?

I guess Woody and Buzz know where they stand, and so I really appreciated here the Christopher Robin fights for his toys and has no intention of giving them up but rather decides to share them.

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As I feel any good toy owner should if you had a strong relationship with your toys growing up and maybe even still to this day.

I think you will, in particular, appreciate this Christopher Robin felt.

Now Disney is sending quite a number of live-action adaptation suddenly to their upcoming streaming services like lady and the Tramp, and maybe that’s what Christopher Robin belongs because compared to the set of Spielberg’s full-blown grown-up Peter Pan fantasy movie, this play is more like one of those quiet brilliant discoveries we Americans are always so delighted to come across from British television.

I’m specifying and I’m an American because I love British culture and I like to have some tea and toasts,  and actually, snack shortbread cookies to see this movie, but sometimes people are like “well is America all do coke’s and cheeseburgers”.

I’m just trying to tread that line carefully with this American perspective, but back to British television, in fact to MacGregor.

I was gonna say maybe he’s too big for TV, but he did Fargo, right? I think that maybe he could cameo in an ongoing television series based on this movie focusing on the daughter Madeleine and maybe some other children in the neighborhood entering Hundred Acre Wood for new adventures, and again with Ewan McGregor cameos here and there.

I would watch that on Disney’s streaming service so that’s something I think they should seriously consider and I feel like this movie could be maybe a sleeper hit, we’ll see how it does, but I think at least on streaming a lot of people are gonna be there, it’ll be one of those quiet brilliant discoveries that I just mentioned.

Christopher Robin - Movie Review

Further on the British angle again as an American, to me it’s interesting to contrast this with the Paddington movies because those have a distinct eye towards Britain’s future, what it’s becoming thanks to the influx of immigrants and those films are quite exemplary of that that element to the story, and in contrast Christopher Robin focuses very much on where Britain has been focusing on things.

World War II boarding schools, trips to the country, and even the ingrained class distinctions.

Christopher Robin, in the beginning, reads his daughter a bedtime story from a history book, I find this fascinating and I would have found it fascinating as a child, I’ve always really liked history so I guess you have to factor in your own interests when deciding whether or not Christopher Robin is the type of movie for you, and if this is sounding good to you, you are going to have such a good time.

But it did take a while to get going, I have to give you that heads up because when the movie starts, to me it grew slow, it’s very good after a while, I mean, the opening of the film with a mix of illustrations is a bit clunky with the exception of some very touching scenes with young Christopher Robin and when Winnie the Pooh is licking honey off of a plate on an adult Christopher Robin’s kitchen. He is like “you didn’t even pick the plate up” – he’s just kind of like lying face down in it’s one of the most disturbing funny things I’ve ever seen.

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I was really concerned that this movie wouldn’t be good and speaking of Pooh, I’ve seen a number of you had a bad reaction to Winnie when I first saw him in the trailers.

He does spend the movie waffling between adorable and disturbing not just due to the animation but also Jim Cummings much slower and sadder voice work, it’s almost sometimes like One Flew Over the Hundred Acre Wood so you know like how these animals are feeling. It is not just Christopher Robin’s having a nervous breakdown, but I think Pooh might be as well.

I did like it when he asked Christopher Robin if he’d let him go as well because Christopher Robin was talking about having to potentially let people go at work, that was the movie sucker punch us emotionally and that’s awesome!

I thought that was very well done but, speaking of the animals, I did like that rabbit, an owl, and real animals as opposed to stuffed ones, that was nice.

Also for Winnie the Pooh fans its very heartwarming to see famous moments from the classic Disney Animation recreated here even though they are slightly more low-key in terms of energy, but speaking of energy, as for new material – when Christopher Robin takes Pooh to the train station about 20 minutes into the movie, a charming red balloon trailing behind them and a really great score suddenly adding a boost of energy, the movie takes off and never looks back.

Christopher Robin - Movie Review

I think from that moment on the movie was absolutely a home run.

I loved it, I’m also surprised how funny it is and I found myself laughing out loud several times at the movies impressive set.

Even though the beginning was a little rocky and had one of my favorite exchanges, I’m not going to give it away here but it was between Christopher Robin and his boss, about whether or not he’s a swimmer or a sinker. It was hilarious, it was so funny and ultimately the movies’ lesson about how important it is to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, socialize with old stuffed animals is a very important reminder that even adults, particularly adults, should still do nothing once in a while because that often does lead to something. Almost non-sense, but when you see the movie you will understand what I’m referencing there.

I’d also like to point out that the film has the surreal dreamlike quality to it, not just because they have talking stuffed animals here, but because it’s a distinct period piece, it still tries to represent a very diverse England, what England has become throughout the movie, and I think with a television series they could bring it fronter and center, but that’s really on display at the end credits basically.

The diverse diversity aspects are on the edge in the movie, and Christopher Robin’s place of work, but they really come to the forefront at the end credits scene which was just wonderful, it takes place at the beach and it features Richard Sherman.

I am afraid a number of people won’t understand the importance of what they will be seeing. if you don’t you aren’t familiar with the Sherman Brothers, they, of course, were Disney’s signature songwriting duo, very important there, for instance, they did the music for Mary Poppins, but they also did it for Winnie the Pooh, and they defined a lot of Disney properties.

Unfortunately, Robert has passed away but Richard is still alive and is an utter delight to see him singing not just one but two new songs about Winnie the Pooh for the movie. One you can actually see him, it is a really magical moment.

If it would warm your heart to notice at the end of the movie Christopher Robin wearing a red sweater just like his good friend Pooh, then this movie for you.

I really enjoyed it, basically just what Winnie the Pooh means and this movie captured that.

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