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Sid Meier’s Civilization, a well-known computer game franchise, is now announcing the inclusion of its latest title, Civilization VI – a turn-based strategy game.

The title, Civilization VI, published in 2016, has been constantly updated by Firaxis Games, which recently opted to upgrade its game to Nintendo Switch and aims in the future at iOS (all with free upgrades and exclusive DLC's). To highlight, the unusual inclusion of a battle-royale mode (which seems to have become a trend in all games).

The popular turn-based strategy video game, or considered by some to be a slow-RTS title, hits Sony's PlayStation 4 consoles on November 22. Accompanying this teaser, the announcement that two new exclusive console civilizations – Indonesia, Nubia and Khmer – will be included in a package, the latter two in one faction. For those looking to enjoy Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, Firaxis Games plans to sell them as part of another separate expansion pack.

Firaxis Games, is a studio that is part of 2K Games, a producer that has produced several other titles such as Mafia II, Mafia III and Borderlands 2. The success of the producer and its series is known, so it is expected to adapt the game to another. console, with quality. "In-game controls and the user interface have been prepared and redesigned for an amazing gaming experience," Sony said in a statement.

The title, with regard to sales, is the responsibility of Take-Two Interective (2K's parent company), so the announced retail price is $ 59.99, which in Portugal is 49.99 euros, not running away a lot at the usual price. In turn, if you are interested in purchasing the DLC's, Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm (which are sold in a separate package) include 18 new civilizations and come with an additional cost of € 39.99 – which for some may be considered. expensive, but in fact when compared to other titles in the market, do not get away.

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