Command support is about to come to Call Of Duty Mobile!

by ace

Call Of Duty Mobile was officially released on October 1st and was a successful release bringing much of what the CoD experience is to the mobile market. After all, during the first week it was available, the game had over 100 million downloads.

However, as promised by Activision, support for commands has not yet been implemented… But don't worry, it looks like support is coming.

Call of Duty with command support in the mobile world could revolutionize this market!

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Given the fact that most players who play Call Of Duty Mobile spend hours clinging to the Smartphone. A support for command could even come in handy.

This is because if already after half an hour playing the controls on the screen of the Smartphone already become tiring to the fingers. Ever wonder what it is like to spend two hours (or more) playing !? In my case, I even feel some pain in my fingers from dragging them on the smartphone screen.

In addition, most Call Of Duty Mobile players also have a console where they are more than used to playing through a classic command. So if Activision's idea is to make this title more competitive, and a real success, then implementing support should be one of the most important topics on the update list.

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“We are currently testing support for commands, but we will not release it for now. This is because we want to make sure that everything is working as it should, in a balanced and appropriate way. ”

In short, we do not have a final release date yet. But at least we are already sure Activision is dealing with it.

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