Console war? Does not exist! Microsoft does not see Sony as a rival!

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Console war? Does not exist! Microsoft does not see Sony as a rival!

Console war? Does not exist! – The Sony PlayStation vs Microsoft Xbox war is probably older than many of the players who today love their PS4 and Xbox One. However, it seems that Microsoft has finally reached a point where it has done so much homework behind doors, which Sony no longer even feels like a rival.

In other words, from Microsoft's perspective, there is no longer any type of console war, because it is already at a much higher level compared to the Sony PlayStation world.

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Microsoft doesn't think there will be a console war, because in its opinion, Sony is not at its level!

So the conversation of who is winning, or who will win the next generation, increases in pitch whenever we have new console releases. And of course, 2020 is no exception in this field!

However, it seems that things are now a little different, especially in the field of Microsoft. Does it no longer matter who sells more consoles?

Very basically, a company's goal is to make as much money as possible. That said, in the console world, this goal doesn't have to be achieved just and only with console sales. After all, the world of video games generates 240% more money than the world of cinema and music … Combined!

However, although there have been several wars in the past to see who sold the most console units, where we have to put Sega, Nintendo, etc … With the noise, things have changed a lot in recent years. And truth be told, what matters today is the software! More specifically the world of games in the Cloud!

Nowadays, the most popular games in the world are multiplayer, where you can play with your friends anywhere in the world, on any platform you choose. That is, where we found the famous Crossplay that Sony hated (and probably continues to hate).

Thus, in the very near future, we will no longer rely on hardware in our living room, or even on our desk (if we are talking about the PC).

Very soon, we will be able to play any game, on any device … Without any dedicated hardware for this purpose. All thanks to the increasingly larger and more complex infrastructures in the Cloud!

That's why Microsoft's Phil Spencer claims that the company's major rivals are Google and Amazon! In case you don't know, they are the ones who have the greatest computing power in the cloud besides the giant responsible for Windows.

That is, currently, the Xbox world is focused on the Cloud (Cloud)! and not on the console itself.

In fact, that's why, since 2017, Phil Spencer has been trying to bring games from the Microsoft Universe to all platforms. It is obvious that many saw this as a sign of weakness, as a move by Microsoft to tackle the PS4 dominance … But it is clearly a move thinking about the future! A future in which console sales are not really the most important thing. The goal is to reach everywhere, with as many games as possible. A future that may already be the present.

Ok… But why is Sony not entering this war?

Cloud, Cloud

Very briefly, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have their own data centers. Sony doesn't have them. Japanese giant Sony is still focused on console sales, just as the surprise interview with Wired magazine showed.

After all, the company is still planning to use its strength in the exclusives, to try to do exactly what it did with PS4, try to convince players to enter the PlayStation ecosystem.

Do you still remember saying in this article that Sony is very likely to still hate CrossPlay? Or the deal the company made with Microsoft to use the Azure infrastructure? Well, all of this is a clear sign that the PlayStation Universe is still clinging to hardware, at a time when everyone is trying to catch the train for the future, which is software.

Of course, console sales were super important in 2013, when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were launched. But the battlefield has changed a lot in the past 7 years. And apparently, the real money is now in the Cloud, not on store shelves.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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