Daily horoscope for October 16: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac for…

by ace

The only astrological aspects on Wednesday, October 16, are those involving the moon. The main event affecting its horoscope It is a Quincunx – an angle of 150 degrees formed by planets separated by five signs. This combination of the moon and the sun is "quite interesting," believes Marina Stoichkova of MarStars Astrology.

The astrologer said: “This Quincunx requires some kind of realignment or adaptation.

The Quincunx aspect involves a period of readjustment and you may need to pay more attention to the outside world today.

MarStars astrology expert thinks you'll need to investigate today.

She said, “What can you adjust and can your life change today?

“Making small changes can help you achieve what you want in the outside world.

"This will help you improve the environment and the astrological atmosphere around you."

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“So issues like financial decisions are particularly important right now.

“But we must also be careful not to neglect ourselves.

“Working patiently on something and being consistent and practical on important tasks will benefit.

"So overall this will be a harmonious and calm day, great for achieving practical goals."



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