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Thursday, October 17, is a fascinating day for your horoscope due to a semi-sextile between Jupiter and Pluto. This semi-sextile is actually quite a rare aspect because both planets are moving slowly. Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer at MarStars Astrology, believes the gas giant Jupiter and the distant planet Pluto are supporting each other today. She said: “Jupiter is about our growth, goals and belief system.

"Meanwhile, Pluto deals with transformations and is a collective planet, so it brings interdependencies that are important to all of us as a society."

It is curious to note that Jupiter and Pluto next year will be together in Capricorn three times.

This semi-sextile is really the last aspect that Jupiter and Pluto will do before next year's conjunctions.

It can therefore be seen as a preparation for cosmic events in 2020.

Therefore, you may feel some trends where things are going.

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Although semi-textile is different from next year's aspects, it should provide a bit of inclination for how you will feel.

Jupiter and Pluto is a combination of growth and transformation of your belief system.

Overall, this aspect can provide incredible expansion.

This preparation is therefore quite exciting and also a positive time to turn something about your goals.

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Another aspect that involves Jupiter today is a quintile with Mars.

The MarStars astrology expert thinks this may provide some kind of change related to our plans.

She said: “This can be a particularly positive combination for business and competition issues.

"So overall Thursday is turning into a very interesting and exciting day."

The moon is in Gemini on Thursday, which means there is more variety and flexibility.

This is also a very positive time for communication and connection with others.

Stoichkova added: "Don't forget that Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is making positive points.

"So the week is therefore very positive for communication and intellectual work, and this is especially true for Thursday."



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