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Tuesday, September 24, arrives with a beautiful aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a very supportive aspect of learning, expanding your mind and getting new ideas. Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer at MarStars Astrology, believes this is especially the case with philosophical questions.

She said: “This is because gas giant Jupiter is in a very strong position today.

“Jupiter remains in the sign of Sagittarius, so it is related to the expansion of our worldview.

“Today is therefore a great time to learn, travel and anything that brings more knowledge and wisdom.

“And overall, it takes some time to plan to reach new goals.

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"Following these small steps will lead you to your long-term goals."

On Tuesday, Mercury also Quincunx with the planet Neptune.

MarStars astrology expert believes this Quincunx will provide both positive and negative points.

She said, “This may first bring some kind of confusion. Things may not seem clear to us on Tuesday.

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“We can expect to make mistakes, so pay more attention to detail today.

“However, if we go through this, then creativity and imagination may emerge.

“So this is a cosmic combination of a lot of creativity.

"This is a great time for expansion as well as learning, especially for more spiritual matters."

On Tuesday, we also have the Transit Moon arriving at the Leo sign of the zodiac.

This is a totally different energy compared to yesterday's Cancer Moon.

Mrs Stoichkova thinks that today is therefore a very positive aspect to have fun and have fun.

She said, "Now is the time to do the things you love and generally cultivate your passion for life."



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