D’Arcy Carden: What’s in My Bag?

by ace
D’Arcy Carden: What’s in My Bag?

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Janet, alter ego of Place d & # 39; Arcy Carden, knows everything about everything. And the actress, 40, tries to be so prepared. "After living in New York for 10 years," the star tells us, "you need your whole world on your arm".

Carden, who is currently filming the series A League of Their Own TV, allows us to look more closely inside it Chloé Vick Tote Bag.

TV shows were too early!

Favorite Family
"I Love Clinique black lipstick. It is the same one that my mother used when I was little. It is very comforting for me. "

Queen of caffeine
"I am an advocate of Truvia. A packet and a little bit and a half in my coffee – perfect.

That is the question
“My keys are in a leather arrow keychain. Strangely, the arrow is a symbol of my family. "

TV reboots and revivals
D & # 39; Arcy Carden What's in my bag?The bag of D & # 39; Arcy. Shana Novak

Pleasant Crowd
“I have a guitar pick that I bought on a Radiohead show – it was released to the crowd. I cannot participate in this. "

Baby Baller
"I carry my husband's league card [producer Jared Carden] in my wallet. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen."

“My sister's rubber spray painted gold dinosaurs for her wedding. I took a lot. I found one in my bag this morning.

TV shows coming to an end in 2020: & # 39; supernatural & # 39 ;, & # 39; modern family & # 39; and much more

What Earful
“I use regular Apple headphones. I'm afraid of AirPods. "

What else is in Carden's bag? A navy Clare V Wallet; an iPhone with a Popsocket; JetBlue MintHayward & Hopper scholarships; an La Mer lip balm; an Lanolips balm; an ClearChoice Sport Shield sunscreen; an Laura Mercier colorful moisturizer; an Benefit Boi-ing concealer; an Nars blush in orgasm; an Dior Addict It Lash Mascara; an Joanna Vargas Glow to Go Mask Set; a copy of Nate Dern's Not Quite a Genius; old hotel key cards; Trident mint gum; a contact lens case; Justin packets of nut butter; a liquid sweetener Truvia in vanilla; Jerky Turkey from Thriving Market; a mesh version of your dog; a Ted Danson button; Hello Bello Organic Women multivitamins; Oasis eye drops; The Lavender EO hand sanitizer; a Playbill; a metal straw; Pilates socks; dog poop bags; Newman peanut butter dog biscuits and a red Filofax Organizer.

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