´Dark Mode´ is coming to WhatsApp for Android

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´Dark Mode´ is coming to WhatsApp for Android

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Currently, there are four options in the display setting on WhatsApp. The light theme uses typical black text on a white background, while the dark theme allows you to manually toggle this. The system default mimics the system-wide theme set on Android Q phones and switches between light and dark depending on the time of day. The final option – Defined by Battery Saver – can change the theme, depending on the battery settings. We know that WhatsApp users who belong to the Google Play Beta Program of the app are starting to see the new dark theme within version 2.20.13. Although the Program is not accepting new applications, users can download the APK separately to enable this option with the Dark theme.

Once installed, we just have to navigate to whatsapp settings and then chat to turn it on. For such a simple feature, the dark mode really divides the masses. Some love the white-on-black theme that is already offered, while others may be excited that Facebook's popular messaging app is ´fighting ´.

´Dark Mode´ is coming to WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp recently sent a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version to 2.20.13. This update finally contains a very important news: We will need to update the version of WhatsApp to the beta update of Android 2.20.13 in order to use the Dark Theme feature. If you are a beta tester, and will see themes in WhatsApp chat settings, you can finally activate the feature. If the feature is not available, and you have already followed the suggestions to get it, don't worry: WhatsApp has started to launch the feature, so it will receive it very soon!

As already confirmed, the first requirement is to have at least 2.20.13 installed. If you installed the update, the dark theme may be available: check WhatsApp Settings> Chat! If you see this section, you're lucky and can use the feature! In this section you can find: Clear theme: it is the usual white theme that you have always used in these years; Dark theme: this is what I wanted to have on WhatsApp !; System default: WhatsApp identifies the theme used by your Android system (if it is light or dark) and sets it on WhatsApp automatically. It is useful if you use the latest version of Android (Android Q) which supports the dark theme throughout the system .; Defined by Battery Saver: available on Android 9 and below, it allows you to automatically switch to a light / dark theme, according to your battery.

´Dark Mode´ is coming to WhatsApp for Android ´Dark Mode´ is coming to WhatsApp for Android

When the dark theme is activated, each section in the app will be transformed into dark colors (the dark theme uses night blue colors). The chat appears with dark and green bubbles. Event bubbles are also dark. Previous updates can get the feature too, but WhatsApp is always used to activate features in recent updates (which may contain bug fixes and improvements to the feature), so you must install the update as mentioned above. If you have already updated to the latest version available and do not see the feature, please back up your chat history and reinstall WhatsApp if you don't want to wait any longer. Every time you reinstall WhatsApp, the most updated server settings are downloaded, making this feature accessible. If you reinstalled the app and the feature persists to not be activated, unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait: the feature will have to be activated automatically in the next updates.

WhatsApp has been the holdout of three major standalone Facebook apps when it comes to dark mode. Messenger was the first to enable it in early 2019, with Instagram following suit in October. Although the dark theme is currently limited to beta versions of the Android app, it probably won't be long before it reaches a public release – and, presumably, iOS 13 as well.

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