Darksiders Genesis: Release date has finally been revealed!

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Until about the beginning of this year, Darksiders Genesis was a game still little known by the community. However, with the announcement made during THQ Nordic's E3 2019, the title's popularity has grown, and has increased to such a degree that it has now become a much-awaited title by fans.

That said, we already know that Darksiders Genesis will be released on December 5th, but the news doesn't stop there. It's just that PC and Stadia players will have early access to the game! But we will explain everything else below.

After all, what is the story of Darksiders Genesis?

Darksiders Genesis: Release date has finally been revealed!

The game introduces us to Strife, the fourth knight of the Apocalypse, who will embark on a bloody adventure with another knight named War. His main goal is to wipe out Lucifer and his whole plan to control the demons.

However, your journey will not be easy. This is because there will always be heaps of monsters, demons and angels on their way to hell who are about to fight each other, and who will do their utmost to protect their master. So get ready for this adventure and make the most of all the features of the new rider, Strife.

When will PC and Stadia players have access to this title?

Darksiders Genesis

To date, we only know that the title will be released on December 5th for gamers in general. However, nothing is known yet about the anticipated release dates, so it is best to wait for statements from the studio.

However, the anticipated time should not be long either, with dates ranging from one to two weeks. Since this period of exclusivity should not be especially lengthy.

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