Devolo Releases Firmware Version 5.3

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Devolo has released firmware update 5.3, increasing user friendliness in the Home Network app.

This update is also symbolic of devolo's commitment to launching new features for the Home Network app, gradually making it a powerful and centralized tool for devolo's Home Networking products, including Magic adapters.

Convenient new features

Upgrading is free and provides greater transparency to devolo's Powerline network. Powerline speeds are now displayed directly on the Home Network app overview screen. This allows users to quickly evaluate the performance of their home networks. It only takes a brief moment to check the transfer speeds at the various power outlets as the Expert Mode feature has been enabled in the Settings menu in the Home Network app.

Update 5.3 also offers seven languages ​​for LAN adapters in the Home Network app, including Portuguese. Language settings can be changed directly in the app. The app upgrade is devolo's way of delivering an even better user experience for an easy-to-customize home network.

New installation wizard for dLAN users

With this firmware update, dLAN users can also use the Home Network app. In the medium term, it will replace the mydevolo app that users know about. This update to the firmware and Home Network app allows dLAN users to access the installation wizard. The wizard provides step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring dLAN 550 WiFi, 550+ WiFi or 1200+ WiFi ac adapters. This wizard is useful in the initial installation process, but also in expanding your existing dLAN network.

DLAN product owners can visit the devolo website for all information on upgrading to the latest firmware version.

devolo Magic: prices and availability

Devolo Magic adapters are available in two variants: Magic 1 (transmission speeds up to 1,200 Mbps) and Magic 2 (transmission speeds up to 2,400 Mbps). They are available online and in physical stores. To set up a new Magic home network, the Starter Kit with two adapters is a great option – the recommended price is € 199.90 for devolo Magic 2 WiFi and € 149.90 for devolo Magic 1 WiFi.

Adapters are also available individually so you can add more adapters to your Magic network to suit your needs. In addition, the devolo Magic 1 and Magic 2 series are also available as LAN only systems.

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