Do you prefer a Gaming notebook or a PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X?

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Do you prefer a Gaming notebook or a PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X?

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Do you prefer a Gaming notebook or a PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X? – The new generation of consoles is about to hit the market! However, it appears that NVIDIA is not impressed with what Microsoft and Sony are preparing for the world of video games.

After all, in your most honest opinion, what will be the most popular platform on the market in 2025? The Xbox Series X? PlayStation 5? The Switch? Well, according to the CEO of NVIDIA, none of them! NVIDIA graphics notebooks will take over the world!

NVIDIA claims to be a serious threat to PS5 and Xbox Series X!

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Therefore, according to Jensen Huang, Gaming notebooks based on NVIDIA GeForce hardware will basically be the most popular console in the video game market. At the end of the day, at the shareholders' conference for the fourth quarter of the year, Huang compared NVIDIA Gaming notebooks to traditional consoles, stating that the company's mobile department is growing significantly year after year, with 8 consecutive quarters of growth above 10%.

Very briefly, the CEO of NVIDIA really has a lot of faith in these PCs, saying that in the purest of truths, there are far more people with laptops than any console on the market.

Although it is a strange statement, and a gaming notebook is not really a console, there is really a bottom of truth in the middle of it all!

According to NVIDIA's CFO, we have about 125 models based on NVIDIA mobile cards on the market, a big increase over last year's 94 models. In fact, Max-Q models have doubled in less than 1 year!

Do you prefer a light and powerful console or notebook?

This is basically the million-euro question … A PC will always be more versatile than a console. Especially now that we are having a big boost in CPU and GPU performance in the world of Gaming notebooks.

Not to mention the price of these devices, which have been dropping tremendously in recent years. After all, have you noticed what you can buy with € 1000 in the current market?

With the current evolution of video game-focused notebooks, it is likely that Jensen Huang's CEO is not saying anything crazy. After all, according to market research firm IDC, Gaming notebooks continue to have the largest market share, with around 20 million units being shipped to stores in 2019. A figure that is expected to rise to 27 million until 2023.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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