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Drake: Scorpion – Album Review

by ace
Drake Scorpion - Album Review

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I want to give my final thoughts on Drake’s new album scorpion I just listened to it yesterday, I got to digest it listen to it again it was a lot to listen to all at once but now that I’ve had some time in another second to third listen to on some of these songs I want to give it a fair review since I digested it.

So first off what I want to say is I think that he could have shortened the album a lot it was 25 songs I think that’s a lot Drake like honestly, I think that’s too many songs but I’m going through it again there’s all the songs that I’m listening to I’m not really skipping them just because I’m a Drake fan but at the same time after a while there’s gonna be ones that grow on me and ones that I just don’t want to hear.

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He had 25 tracks on this you’re gonna keep the “God’s plan” and the nice work, of course, honestly I’m upset you can get rid of I’d say probably cut this thing down to 15 songs tops and all those songs would be great.

I think one thing that really bugged with me was on the second half of it I already listened to the whole side as I was alone it was a lot of songs I was listening to and the second half was just long because there was a lot of r&b in a row which is fine but after just listening to 15 songs in a row and now you’re gonna give me 6 R&B in a row…

That b-side it was like “okay this is kind of getting slow and boring” so I think splitting the album into two makes sense because it doesn’t flow together at all they’re two separately different things for the most part but I think kind of making just one concise album a little smaller and including everything on it so I mean kind of more life stroll that had more summer jams but just starting out with some of those eight sides and then flipping them with the b-side so it’s like okay.

Drake Scorpion - Album Review

This is a good transition into the R&B a little bit instead of just going all at once and the other thing I noticed was like blue tint on that album and a few on the b-side they weren’t R&B so I’m not sure why they were on there but when they were on it was like they peaked your interest cuz they were different.

I think if he had that whole concept throughout the album and you made it a little shorter I think this would’ve been a lot more concise album, I think it was too long, I give it a 7 out of 10 rating.

Overall was a heavy album it’s a lot, you can’t really listen to the whole thing at once and just sitting there for a good time like I did the other day but it was a lot, and worth it. I think Drake on the front side is airing some things out on the part he first mentions his son, he mentions his baby mama at one point, so he’s just musically flowing being creatively free, but I think he sounds loose on that side which is something derivative from point of views. You can see this coming I’m upset when I felt it threw it off a little but for the most part that side A he’s loose and feels very confident.

The back sides R&B he’s getting in his bag again, it starts with Peaks a great song, I like that one a lot and then he just goes down the list and he’s got the MJ joint on there that one was great.

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And then he ends up with the March 14th, I think it’s gonna be a song that maybe it doesn’t get a lot of playbacks early on but I bet people will be going back and listening to the song again and again, it’s kind of saying the same message and it’s not something a lot of us can relate to.

I think it means a lot for Drake and a lot for maybe some Drake fans to hear him talking about his kid like that but once this whole kid thing rolls over for a little while and it’s obvious that he has a child I don’t think that part’s really gonna be so  awesome, still I think it was cool anyway.

Now that the hypes died down I don’t think some songs are gonna get as much as much playback, I think some of the top songs on the album you got to go emotionless, that one’s just gonna stick because of the social media aspect of his verses on there, that one’s gonna stick.

During listening I thought most songs were pretty cool, they’re a little subtle, they’re nothing crazy but I think they were good “summer” moments.

I know this wasn’t probably gonna be a metro booming type album but there was a couple on there that he could have done a beat for, he had 25 songs to spare.

An overall concise album, a little long, but a very good album due to the good songs on it.

All puns unintended.

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