Epic Games will be sued for making Fortnite too addictive

by ace

In fact, we can say that the ultimate goal of studios is to make a game addictive, to be a real market hit, not only in its release… but for several years. As is the case with World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and more recently, Fortnite!

However, it seems that being too addictive is a serious problem! Something that apparently will put Epic Games and its Fortnite game in court

So Epic Games is being accused of creating an overly addictive game! Incidentally, the popular game is being compared with various types of drugs. (Which is a bit ridiculous, but we all know how this world of Law vs. Game World works.)

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That is, we are essentially talking about the release of dopamine in the brains of Fortnite fans who, according to the lawsuit brought by the parents of two 10 and 15-year-olds. like cocaine.

The lawsuit claims that Epic Games has done everything in its power to make Fortnite as addictive as possible… According to the lawyer of the couple Alessandra Esposito Chartrand.

“Epic Games, when developing Fortnite for several years, hired psychologists to figure out how they could make the game really addictive. The studio has launched a game that is very addictive, aiming to reach the younger market. ”

Interestingly, much of the case is based on another 2015 legal action against the tobacco industry. Where according to the court ruling, companies have not done enough to warn customers of the harmful effects of their product.

In short, the basis here is very similar, stating that Epic Games knew that Fortnite was going to be super addictive, and that it nevertheless went ahead without warning young people or parents.

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