European ambassadors ‘blocking’ closer ties between EU and Moldova, says…

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European ambassadors 'blocking' closer ties between EU and Moldova, says...

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Brussels should speak directly to Moldova and rely on inaccurate information from European ambassadors in Chisinau.

That was the allegation of pro-Russian President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, when accusing ambassadors of blocking negotiations with the EU.

The former Soviet state of Moldova signed a political and trade agreement with the EU in 2014 and has discussed the implementation of reforms.

But the collapse of his pro-EU government in November – and his replacement being led by former Dodon adviser – put that path in doubt.

Dodon – elected in 2016 – says the government is just as committed to the European Union's Association Agreement, signed in 2014, as it is to its pro-Brussels predecessor.

But, he added, EU ambassadors prioritized links with opposition figures over the current government.

"We have to recognize that, at the current stage, some of the European partners, some EU ambassadors in Chisinau, do not want to cooperate with our new government," Dodon told Euronews.

"Maybe they have emotions or maybe they are very close to the old government and now they have reservations about a dynamic dialogue with the new government."

Speaking directly to the newly elected European Commission, he said: "You should know that in Moldova the new government is focused on reforms and the implementation of the association agreement. And much of the information you receive from certain representatives is not real.

"We propose that you document yourself from the primary source. We propose that you maintain a dialogue with the president and the country's prime minister. […] We are open to dialogue, we are ready to have meetings at the highest level. Level, but this opening must be reciprocal ".

Dodon also said that European ambassadors have prioritized links with opposition figures over the current government.

He did not name the ambassadors or the nations they represent.

Euronews contacted the European Commission for comment, but had not yet responded until the publication of this article.

You can watch a video of the interview with Igor Dodon in the video player above.


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