Fake coronavirus news on Facebook and YouTube

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Fake coronavirus news on Facebook and YouTube

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The truth is that the coronavirus is spreading more and more and with that it is more and more important to have correct information on the topic. Since we are in the era of social networks, this situation becomes a responsibility for them, such as Facebook and YouTube.

These are platforms where billions of people go to see the news but it also serves as a space to spread false news. On Facebook we can find groups against vaccines and others talking about potential vaccines, or even stories about 5G that can take some sleep away. There are several groups that claim that there is a link between the virus and 5G. We can see videos where people say that the virus started some time later in the exact place where the 5G network started working in China.

There is also a video on YouTube that states that the virus is nothing more than a consequence of tests with the smart light options and the use of 5G in Wuhan. Other videos on the same platform share conspiracy theories also claim that the cruise ship with people affected by the virus works with 5G.

After the platforms took action, things improved. Now if we search for the virus on Facebook, the first things that appear are reliable information from the World Health Organization (WHO). If we find groups described above and try to join those groups, a notification appears informing us to go to the WHO website for real vaccine information.

YouTube has also been trying to calm things down. Now we can see the WHO symbol in the videos that refer to the virus. But we must always be careful because not all videos have been checked so far.

Facebook continues to try to combat false information with independent researchers and the truth is that there have already been some improvements. When some false information is found it is soon limited so that it does not spread.

Source: BBC

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