Federal government improvises oil-hit beaches, says governor …

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The Pernambuco governor, Paulo Câmara (PSB), said on the morning of Monday (21) that the federal government treats the oil spill impromptu which has already reached 201 locations in the nine northeastern coast states.

It is the biggest environmental accident in the history of Brazil and it cannot be treated after 50 days in the makeshift way we are seeing these days, ”he said.

Paulo Câmara said he hopes that, after ruling by the Federal Justice in Pernambuco, the Jair Bolsonaro government will start the National Contingency Plan for Oil Pollution Incidents.

“The contingency plan has not been put into operation. We, before the decision of the court, expect this to happen. It is essential that the plan works, ”said the governor.

House also called for the federal government to have a more focused work with the objective that the stains are still contained in the water.

“It is critical that you have a task force so that all available Army, Navy, and Air Force equipment is available to address this issue.”

The charge of the governor was made shortly after participating in an event in the city of Paulista, Greater Recife, along with the Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, to detail the program In Front Brazil.

During a press conference, when questioned by the press about the absence of actions by the federal government, Moro initially declined to respond. “The press conference here is to talk about In Front Brazil,” he said.

Moments later, he declared that the federal government has been working and doing its part. He also reported that the investigation was ongoing and that as soon as there is a diagnosis it will be disclosed.

Oil slicks that hit the northeastern coast since August 30 returned strongly to Pernambuco and Alagoas since Wednesday (16) last week.

On Thursday (17), the government of Pernambuco managed to capture a ton of oil in São José da Coroa Grande, the southern coast of the state, before reaching the beach sand.

This Friday (18), the Carneiros beach, jewel of the Pernambuco coast, dawned covered by oil. a The joint effort, which involved more than 500 people, including inn owners, fishermen, and state and municipal servants, removed the material..

Over the weekend, the spot advanced further and the beaches of Serrambi, Toquinho, Cupe, Muro Alto, in Ipojuca, and Itapuama and Suape, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, were eventually affected by oil. The oil invaded the estuary of four Pernambuco rivers and the Suape mangrove.

This Monday (21), the spot reached the Paiva beach, also in Cabo de Santo Agostinho.
The big concern now is that the material will arrive at Boa Viagem beach in Recife. The city is mobilized and has planned a major operation to remove the material.

This Sunday, the Navy reported that, to date, more than 600 tons of the material had been removed from the coast. 2,250 km of the northeastern coast were contaminated. The damage could undermine the work of 144,000 fishermen and shellfish surviving from the sea and rivers.

On Tuesday (22), Environment Minister Ricardo Salles will go to Recife.

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