First information on Galaxy S11: 3 sizes and 5 variants

by ace

We start with a warning: Samsung's next smartphone is still several months away, and these rumors are interesting, but they have to be regarded with some suspicion, even though the source who released this information is excellent. and with a very high hit rate.

The information is disseminated by the well-known Evan Blass, through his Twitter account @evleaks, which although we are behind, we take this information seriously due to the great respect we have for him and having a great hit rate in regarding the information it has been disclosing. And this we can consider almost the first "credible" information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11.

In a tweet posted by Evan Blass, he announces that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come in three different sizes. Of 6.7, 6.9 inches and then the smallest he refers (later) and will be between 6.2 or 6.4 inches, and should be the Galaxy S11e, if it follows the same nomenclature of the predecessor.

All three screens will appear to be curved this time around, so fans of the current S10e's traditional flat look might be a little disappointed. Still, it is not a surprising move as it is a trend that Samsung has been following in the high end.

The same goes for reporting a shift to a higher ratio of 20: 9. According to this information, at least one of the Galaxy S11 models will have a 20: 9 aspect, just like certain A series devices (Galaxy A80 and A70). Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether this new design will have some kind of notch or cropping, or will incorporate a camera on the screen itself as already presented by some manufacturers in prototype format.

Returning to the information released by @evleaks, there will be two variants of the Galaxy S11e version, one with 4G and one with 4G, and the larger version will only have one version with 5G. If this is confirmed, it is likely that the 6.9 inch Galaxy S11 will not be available in all countries at launch time, notably those that do not have the 5G, as might happen in Portugal, for example. But we will see.

Other information that has already been “talked about” is the possibility of Samsung's next smartphone integrating the new 108MP sensor, plus a 5x zoom periscopic sensor. Probably, the processors should be the new (future) Exynos 9830 or a Snapdragon 865, which will vary from the market.

Evan Blass also points out that the smartphone's release date is expected to occur during February, as it has in recent years and possibly even during MWC 2019 as early as February.



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