Foldable phones don't get rest!

by ace
Foldable phones don't get rest!

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Soon we will stop talking about folding mobile phones, but not yet. It seems that foldable phones are really talking (and a lot) but not for the reasons that companies would like it to be.

Three foldable phones have been launched, the Galaxy Fold, the Motorrola Razr and the Galaxy Z Flip. It is funny that each of these devices had a launch with its drama, from broken screens, stock problems and disproportionate prices taking into account the equipment.

Foldable phones don't get rest!

Both the Galaxy Fold and the Motorola Razr had problems with equipment breaks. If we also add the problems with the screens then these devices leave a lot to be desired in the field of durability.

With regard to the Z Flip, we know of a case of a screen that broke, and taking into account that its durability test did not have the best results, this equipment also falls short in terms of durability.

There are even rumors about the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip actually has a screen made of glass. But so that these rumors can rest in peace, the phone's screen is really made of glass. However, it is covered with a protective plastic layer (which should not be removed due to the longevity of the screen).

So the conclusions we can draw about folding mobile phones are that they are cute, sir, but they are not reliable equipment for long seasons. We can also affirm that those who work in a very busy environment (for example distributors) this type of cell phones are not recommended since the danger of falling, rattling or rubbing against other equipment is great and such actions will compromise an already weakened durability due to nature of the equipment itself. But we do not want these arguments to be a reason for not giving this equipment a chance.

Source: The Verge

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