For everything! Intel has a plan to save its 10nm process!

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For everything! Intel has a plan to save its 10nm process!

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It is no longer news to anyone that Intel is having a hard time with its 10nm process. In fact, it is safe to say that all the company's current difficulties have a major culprit … This same process.

However, it seems that Intel now has a plan to make the most of the renowned production process by bringing Big.Little design to the PC world!

  • Big.Little -> It is an architecture developed by ARM, with the objective of combining slower and more efficient cores (LITTLE), with others more powerful and capable of greater energy consumption (BIG).

In short, the idea is to use the weaker cores for the simplest tasks. While the most powerful are only used when they are really needed. This results in significant energy savings. Being a design widely used in the world of smartphones.

For everything! Intel has a plan to save its 10nm process!

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So a super interesting new rumor just surfaced on the internet, suggesting that Intel could bring the same thing to its Lakefield architecture into the world of Destkop and Notebook PCs. That is, the manufacturer may be trying to bring Big.Little design (Hybrid Architecture) to the world of PCs, in the form of Alder Lake-S products, which in turn should be based on the 10nm process.

That said, while Intel Lakefields only had 4 Atom Tremont cores (Low Power) and a single Sunny Cove core. It seems that this new bet from Intel may have an 8 + 8 combination, which should be seriously interesting.

These Alder Lake-S processors may well be the lifeline of the 10nm process!

After all, as you may know, the yields and frequencies of the 10nm process are well below expectations. In fact, Intel's CFO has even made it public that this process should not even be able to generate the same profits as the 22nm process.

In other words, Intel is already looking at 7nm! However, this does not mean that in the midst of all the difficulties, there are no opportunities at 10nm.

After all, by using the Big.Little design, Intel can really take advantage of your process. Since it is much easier to take several different parts and put them on the same chip, than to create 16 physical cores from the same die. This is basically what AMD does with the Zen architecture, very successfully by the way.

Interestingly, the 'leak' also mentions support for the PCIe 4.0 standard. So it seems clear that Intel also wants to bring technology support to market as soon as possible. (This hypothetical range of products may be the first to support the new standard on the Intel side).

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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