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The bikini season never ends Frankies Bikinis founder and designer Francesca Aiello. Since its inception six years ago, the brand has become the swimwear brand for celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber (Be Baldwin), Behati Prinsloo, Gigi Hadid and more. Earlier this year, Aiello came to work on a collection with Sofia Richie full of bold tie-dye styles that sold out in 24 hours. Bottom line: Aiello's suits are approved by It-girl.

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The reason behind her A-List fans comes down to the uniqueness of the silhouettes, patterns and cuts she creates. "We are always in fashion, ahead of the trend, and we offer something different from other brands in the market," Aiello tells Stylish.

"Celebrities are always in the public eye, so it's important that they find a brand they trust fits better and they know they'll feel confident."

Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner Black BikiniSofia Richie and Kylie Jenner Courtesy of Sofia Richie / Instagram

As for the various cuts, the designer ensures that each of her styles is universally flattering for all different types of body shapes and sizes.

“Not everyone feels confident in the same swimsuit and that's why we work so hard not only to bring constant news to our collections, but also to ensure such a wide variety of cuts, adjustments and manufactures,” she explains.

"While one person may be looking for a more covered high-waisted bottom and another may be looking for a sassy cut monokini, I can guarantee you will find a swimsuit that will become your favorite in the coming seasons."

Although Aiello provides a plethora of her favorite bikini styles, she also hopes to encourage her clients to step out of their comfort zones and take risks with their swimwear options.

“You can always buy and wear the swimsuit style that fits your body and makes you feel amazing, so we will offer it and also encourage you to try something new. Who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised – she washes.

Regardless of her swimsuit choices, the 24-year-old says, "Every body is a bikini" and hopes to instill self-esteem in all of her clients. One way Aiello can do this is to skip airbrush or make Photoshop of his campaign images.

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“The reason I am consistently encouraging body positivity is because I want to break the barrier people have about what is and isn't considered the perfect bikini body. I want the girls to look at our Instagram and our campaigns and feel inspired, not ashamed of the body, ”she tells Stylish.

As for her own self-confident journey, Aiello says that when she started her line she was looking for tighter, smaller pants, but there were none available to be comfortable with.

“Smaller underpants were not considered appropriate when I started making them, so it took a lot of confidence to ignore what people thought about what I was doing and keep my gut and what I knew I felt. more confident wearing, ”she explains.

Sofia Richie Frankies BikinisSofia Richie Dameshek, Sam

“There may be many people who offer unwarranted and negative opinions about how you are doing or what you are doing, but what really matters is the self-confidence and support of the people you love who want you to succeed. I wasn't wearing these swimsuits because I wanted people to comment on my body, good or bad. I was producing because I felt that they flattered my body the best way and instilled more confidence in me when I used them. "

The reason she feels better in sassy funds? “I think these more economical funds are universally flattering no matter what shape or size you have. They do not cut your body in strange places and highlight your natural curves. I don't think people should know that, due to body size or shape, they should wear pants with more or less coverage, ”she teaches.

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When Aiello feels her most beautiful, you can find her rolling in the sand, flaunting her messy hair on the beach, smiling with a nice tan while wearing a frankies bikini, of course.

This combination often helps to create the perfect setting for taking the perfect beach photo, according to the designer. Her top tips: "Boost confidence, pick a bikini that makes you feel sexier and find natural, beautiful lighting."

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