Galaxy Z Flip vs Galaxy S20: Which is better?

by ace
Galaxy Z Flip vs Galaxy S20: Which is better?

As we already know, yesterday was the day of the Samsung event. At this event Samsung revealed products such as the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip (the one that folds).

About the event itself, this time Samsung skipped all the bureaucratic talk it used to have at the beginning and started right away with the revelation of the Galaxy Z Flip. This revelation served as a way to grab the audience. We still had the speech about partnerships, but it was still a good start.

Galaxy Z Flip vs Galaxy S20: Which is better?

Although information on the Galaxy Z Flip has already been made public in a non-formal way, the truth is that the equipment surprised. However, Samsung did not reveal the product of the material for the screen, but the same surprised the positive.

The revelation that fell short of expectations was the Galaxy S20 (perhaps due to all the apparatus around the equipment or information that was already online). The design was already expected, so we can even say that the S20 is more of the same but with more "things" included. Perhaps for this reason the great interest of the public was in the Galaxay Z Flip.

Although the Z Flip was the big moment of the event, people are more likely to choose to buy the S20 when they decide to upgrade their mobile phones (but we think that this change will not be very fast). Perhaps because it is a design and mobile phone whose antecedents bring more confidence to people, or perhaps because folding mobile phones have not yet won the user's complete confidence (although this was a success at the event).

But speaking of another subject that also matters a lot, 5G. It was unclear whether 5G will be a crucial aspect of purchasing the equipment.



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