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Germany disputes statements by Salles about advances in Amazon Fund

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Germany disputes statements by Salles about advances in Amazon Fund

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Environment Minister Ricardo Salles recently stated that the restoration of the Amazon Fund was already in its final stages. He told Folha Salles at the COP-25 (UN Climate Conference) in Madrid that the Amazon Fund must continue and "is having an understanding with the countries." O Globo newspaper said Germany, one of the fund's donor countries, had already agreed to the proposed changes.

Germany, however, denied the assertions and any proximity to resolution of the subject on Friday (6).

In an interview with Veja magazine on November 29, Salles downplayed the deforestation records and burned Bolsonaro government and said (as of 14:38 in the video): "This week we are already in the final stages of exchanging drafts and documents to restore the flow of resources to the Amazon Fund. Whether from Germany or Norway ( the other donor country), and other countries that eventually want to participate. But in new standards. "

"We have given the donors a draft studying the proposal. Germany has already agreed. Norway is missing," Salles told O Globo newspaper this week.

The German Embassy says it has received Salles' statements about the Amazon Fund in astonishment. "The Embassy received earlier this week, a formal proposal from BNDES to reformulate the Amazon Fund, authorized, according to BNDES, by Minister Salles. This proposal is under evaluation and Germany has not commented on the matter with the Brazilian side so far." , says the embassy, ​​in a statement.

This is not the first time that Salles' statements surprise billionaire and paralyzed Fund donor countries Amazon.

In May, Salles convened a press conference in which he stated, without presenting documents or further information, that he had detected irregularities in the Amazon Fund. At the time, the minister said the fund's donor countries, Norway and Germany, were aware that the Bolsonaro government wanted to make changes to the fund.

The countries, however, stated that they had not been informed of the contents of the press conference or the government's wishes.

"We have not received any proposals from the Brazilian authorities to change the Fund's governance structure or resource allocation criteria," said the Norwegian Embassy.

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