Google Maps celebrates 15 years !!

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Google Maps celebrates 15 years !!

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Google Maps is celebrating 15 years of existence! To celebrate this date, Google is preparing a new icon for the service, as well as an application with a slightly different design that includes some new definitions.

The biggest change is going to be the icon, the classic image of the map showing an intersection disappears and a white background image with a large Google pin comes, which connects more with other Google applications.

Google Maps celebrates 15 years !!

The Google Maps application will also undergo some changes. 2 buttons will be included, the “contribute” and the “updates”, which will replace the buttons “for you”.

The motivation behind this new design is linked to the latest functionality that Google has given to Google Maps, such as increased focus on the user to be able to put content in the application and the possibility to follow other users. With the new buttons active, more settings will be able to be used and put the user at the center of the process, instead of burying options in a side menu.

Google has also announced other new features for Google Maps, but these will only be available in March. One of these new features is the increase in traffic information on public transport. Before Google Maps could only tell when a train or bus was expected to be full, but since March it will be able to provide information such as temperature, accessibility for wheelchairs and whether there are coaches for women only (in countries that have this policy)

The other update that is also planned to happen is the possibility of using the real view option. This option, in addition to showing us the location, will do it in a lighter way for the device, without having to start the 3D image and turn-by-turn navigation, which is currently available.

Source: The Verge

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