Government wants Shell to explain emergence of barrels on northeastern coast

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The government wants Shell to explain the appearance of barrels attached to the company off the northeast coast.

The barrels, which have the inscription of a lubricant manufactured by the company, were found on Formosa beach in Sergipe. Clarification of the finding was required by Ibama, at the request of Minister Ricardo Salles (Environment).

Shell Brasil clarifies that the original content of the drums has no relation with the crude oil found in different beaches of the Brazilian coast. "They are drums of ship lubricant, produced abroad. Ibama is aware of the case," the company said in a statement.

President Jair Bolsonaro's team is still seeking answers about oil slicks on beaches in northeastern Brazil. The number of points hit by the oil spill has increased over the past 30 days, but the source of the spill is unknown.

Ibama and UFBA analyzes (Federal University of Bahia) pointed out that the oil is venezuelan, which the government of the country denies. In a joint statement, the Ministry of Petroleum and state-owned oil company PDVSA said they did not receive any reports from customers or subsidiaries about oil spills near Brazil.

scomputer imulations made by researchers indicate that the origin of oil stains on the beaches of the northeast it is on the high seas, at least 400 km from the coast.

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